A Challenge: Love yourself, Love others, Love Vintage


My blog is my happy place and I try to make it a happy place for others. We don't discuss politics or religion here because you never know who you're going to offend. It's all about one thing- our love for vintage fashion! I try to also not post about negative things but as a voluptuous vintage lover, this topic struck me as one that needs to be talked about.

Apparently, there's a discussion out there in blog land about curvy gals in vintage and there were some really nasty things said. Luckily, I haven't found this discussion (and I don't want to, so please no posting links of it, thank you!) But in case any of my readers did find it and it stirred up some yucky feelings for anyone, I wanted to throw in my two cents as a curvy gal who loves vintage and founded a whole blog on the subject....

I believe that people who say nasty things about others say it because they have issues with themselves. They aren't really "fat chick haters". In reality, I bet they wish they had a bit more junk in the trunk, ya know? That being said, I ask all of you to pull out a full length mirror, get down to your skivvies and look at yourself today. Look at your curves or lack thereof, look at all of your scars, stretch marks, tan lines, freckles, lumps, bumps, wobbly bits, knobby knees, chicken wings, muffin tops, etc...and embrace yourself. Love yourself for who you are and what you really look like under all of those vintage clothes. Pick out 5 things about yourself that you think are beautiful and post them on your blog, facebook, whatever. Then, pick 5 other people in blogland and post one thing about that person that you love (and really envy them for!) Leave the discussion mentioned above dead and replace it with love in this challenge. Love yourself, love others and love vintage...because that's what brings us all together. So, here goes my part of the challenge:
What I love about myself
1.) The freckles across my nose, especially when they darken in the summer time. (When I put on my makeup, I wipe off the makeup that covers my freckles because I like them to show.)
2.) My long neck- my favorite part of my body
3.) The skin on my back- It's smooth and pretty. I like to wear low-back tops or dresses to show it, there are more freckles there.
4.) my little nose- I got it from my momma. Thanks, mom!
5.) My hands- I dont think my hands are necessarily pretty. They sure aren't hand model material. They have scars, frequently cracked knuckles and chewed off nails but they allow me to do all of the things that I love like sewing, pin curling my hair, feeling fabric on a vintage dress.
Now for the people that I totally envy and love

1.)Charlotte from Tuppence Ha'Penny has great legs! Looks fabulous in a swimsuit!

2.)Jenny of Yesterday Girl has beautiful piercing eyes

3.)Karlee from Gatsby and Me has the sweetest dimples!

4.) Art Deco Dame from Pretty Little Things has perfect vintage eyebrows!

5.)Annie from Annie Pancake and the Time Machine has the face of a 1920's starlet.

Please post below if you take this challenge. I would love to read what you love about yourself and who in blogland you love!

Regardless of size, color, height, or personal style- you are all beautiful.


  1. You are so adorable. What a great attitude.

    No matter who you are, no matter where you go, there will be people who like you, and people who don't like you.

    You are 100% correct. It's all about the other person (who doesn't like you) projecting something about themselves or their lives they don't like onto you.

    Here's the key:

    It's your CHOICE to get upset or not when people say unkind things.

    Your feelings are a CHOICE.

    The more you meditate on this, the less things will bother you as much.

    Remember, words do not carry weight unless you give them weight.

    That being said, I love growing older, because you worry less about what other people think. That's the best part of me. =)

    Excellent post, thanks for bringing it on!

  2. thanks, darlin' You make some very good points!! As to growing older, you are so right! I am only 24 but I have already noticed a few greys! I call them "silver" though! :) There is a blog somewhere out there about older people who dress fabulously..I wish I could remember the name of it because it is such an inspiration to us all, young or old! Thank you for the comment!! xoxo

  3. Kudos for such a wonderful, positive post! <3

  4. Oh what a lovely post!

    I shall have to have a think about this....

  5. awww that is so sad how people are these days..that is so true sometimes nasty people have to put down others to feel better about themselves..also they feel threaten by someone narrow minded.
    great idea missy I will get to work on mine ;)

  6. What a wonderful post! Good for you choosing to be positive. It's so true, haters have issues and they react to the world based on those, not on others. I always remind myself of that when I come across a negative person or situation. It has nothing to do with me. :-)

  7. I love you for spreading the love!!! Thank you:D Love is beauty!

  8. This was such a lovely post - it was delightful to read and just put me in such a positive state of mind. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. i posted a giant blog!

  10. What are a lovely post, and thank you for the kind words. Lets collectively decide to ignore the 'haters' because there is a whole lotta love in blogland too, and as far as I'm concerned all that negative stuff is not what blogging is about. Just remember that you are one hot vintage lovin' mama! I will have to have a good think in response to this blog...J.x

  11. So true, we should all love what mother nature gave us, we are all unique and special and beautiful in our own way!

  12. Very nice post!!
    The world would be a greater place if there was more people like yourself, ignoring the negative and bringing out the positive.

  13. I am Twiggy girl who's dreamed of being a Marilyn so just goes to show you, grass is always greener, but it's really best just to "work what you've got, cause that's the sexiest thing there is" (my friend an amazing political figure AND drag performer on the east coast).
    People who waste their time hating are jealous in my opinion, not necc. in a specific way, but in a general way, by which I mean that because they are unhappy with themselves/bodies, they can't stand to think of anyone else having that joy. As a result, they must destroy what they can't have. Sad, but true. I have had the same person criticize me as a rather abundant teen and now as a thin adult for not looking right. J

    I'd rather appreciate, because there's enough beauty and happiness to go around. Artists through time have shown the beauty and diversity of the human form (and diversity of the perception of beauty too). Haters should just be ignored.

  14. HERE HERE!!! Its such a shame that people pick on girls who love themselves...don't pull me down because you're low!

    Attitudes like yours resonate, I'm grateful you took the time to put this out into the world <3

  15. bravo kitten!great post...i myself love everything about myself and my vintage style...its real and everyday and it is me!

    I myslef have never had a mean comment on my blog until this past week(3 years runnin)...i felt very sad for the person...i knew they weren't very confident and had nothing better to do...that made me sad that they didn't have an amazing life full of joy or a family to run and experience this life with.Or a bunch of fab blog gals that rocked the blog love right away!

    My beautiful confident daughters imagined a sad lonely person...but i quickly took your road to teach my sweet lil' have sass and joy and rock the real them!

    I myself love all the different vintage blogs...every one having their own style shape and size...thats what so rocken' about vintage blogs...and all the vintage kittens who really live the life! keep it up kittens! be the real you! again bravo miss va-voom!

  16. Thank you for a positive post. I'm currently battling with my weight and have always been negative about myself...I just know that I could look better and until I do I am very negative...but I'm on of those people that even if I lost my goal weight of 60 lbs...I would still think I was fat..bah. I hate this feeling but I love how positive you are. I agree, all the ladies you included are just lovely!

    I've always received positive reinforcement from my vintage friends. I find that they are more accepting and caring than the "couture" people. They always have something kind to say. i will accept your challenge and find 5 things to like about myself and I could go on for days about my vintage friends! <3


  17. I love that you love your freckles. Because freckles are beautiful and so many people I know who have them HATE them. I don't have freckles, though, but I admire them on other people.
    -Andi x

  18. Well Ladies, my maiden name is BARK. My dad has no sisters so nobody can really comprehend how HORRIBLE it is to grow up being a female named BARK. One of the main reasons I was so eager to get married was to loose the name finally.

    Well, my married name is WOLFE. It was just too funny not to hyphenate it.

    Now I am BARK-WOLFE and I embrase it and laugh about it to everyone. I truly love my name.

    I know it is not physical- but I think that our critiques of ourselves are not limited to physical so I figure our comments could expand to.

  19. Why darling how perfectly sweet of you! I'm working on my challenge post now!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny

  20. I know I am a little late but this post was so inspiring and very articulate! I was a skinny kid growing up but I starting gaining weight around 20 years old. I was in college, just about to get married, and I lived for junk food. When I met my husband at 19, I was 115 pounds and by the time I was 28, I was 155. I am 5'3, so one pound for some is like 5 pounds for me. To me, the worst thing wasn't my weight, it was my lack of energy and the fact I had really high blood pressure. I did not feel good about myself. When I hit 30, I decided it was time to lose weight and get back in shape. I lost 33 pounds and I have kept it off now for almost 5 years. I run 5 days a week, and I do yoga. Despite my weight loss, I still have a big booty. I know this how I am shaped and that is ok. I used to try to fight it but now I have made peace with my butt!

    I am also very pale with freckles and I used to hate it when other kids would make fun of me for not being able to tan! They also were torturous when it came to my red hair! I wanted to be blonde and tan so bad! I now embrace my paleness and ginger hair! It reflects my Irish heritage!

    As for vintage, I think models like Jamie Deadly and Doris MayDay are beautiful! Brittany, I have to say that you are truly striking! I love your style and your figure is cute! I have seen stick-thin models on Stop Staring's website and I have to say that vintage styles look amazing on curvier women! Look at the pin-ups of the 40s and 50s, the girls were regular-shaped and they were not painfully thin in appearance. Now, if one is naturally skinny (like my mom and sister), that is okay but when a girl starves herself to reach an unhealthy goal, that is not good.

    We should celebrate all sizes! We all have our flaws and sometimes it is our imperfection that makes us all perfect!

  21. aw thanks for liking my eyebrows!I need to take this challenge and I think you're amazing.Love your attitude and you really are beautiful inside AND out!

  22. Waahoo! I have just found your blog and YOU ROCK!!! I am plus size and pround of it. There is a poem that I heard one called "I'd rather be a Plus than a Minus" talking about plus size girls!! I am off to read more of your blog!

  23. I am fairly new to blogging, but i feel like i finally found a place i fit in...spent my life on diets (weight watchers @ 8 years old). When i turned 40 I decided to just be me, dress vintage, live vintage and not worry about what people say or think about me. So I nhave stopped dieting and started eating healthy and exercising and not worrying about losing weight before I live my life!:)

    The best thing about the woman who follow the vintage blogs is the positivity and support you all have for each happy to be a part of this community. xolorixo

  24. Love this idea, I may just have to join it!


    Thanks I loved this!


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