On the summer solstice, my family goes to Creve Coeur lake for a picnic and fun in the sun. When I was a little girl, I used to think that this lake was the ocean. We had SO much fun taking pictures, I had a hard time picking my favorites!

June 21st was the first day of summer here in the states. In Missouri, summers are long, hot and humid- much like being in a tropical rain forest. Here are some tips and ideas for beating the summer heat and having fun in the sun all season long!

1.)Don't feel the burn- In May, I always pitch my old sunblock and buy new stuff for this year. I wear it every time I leave the house. Those 20 minute walks or car rides to the grocery store, cause more sun damage to your skin than you think! Always protect your skin by applying sunblock before going out. I use a tinted moisturizer foundation that already has sunblock in it, so even on cloudy days, the delicate skin on my face has a little bit of a barrier against harmful rays! Coppertone is a "vintage" brand who created their first sunscreen in 1944!

2.) Insect Repellant- With hot summers come lots of biting bugs. DEET, the main ingredient in most insect repellants was created during WW2 for soldiers in jungle warfare. It was made available to the public in 1957. Now, insect repellants are available in the form of wipes, sprays, lotions and roll-on application. In the early morning hours and at dusk, protect yourself from bites!
3.) Don't Sweat it! The first deoderant was invented in 1888 under the brand name "Mum". In 1952, the first roll-on deoderant was produced by Ban. Ban is still in production today! When wearing a piece of history, deoderant or disposable dress shields are very important in the summer.

4.)Protect your lovely locks- Your hair is easily damaged by over-exposure to harsh sun and chlorine pools. When you plan on being in the sun for long periods, cover up with a stylish sun hat. Hats will also protect your scalp from sunburn (*ouch!*).
Another summer must-have for vintage gals is a bathing cap for dips in the pool. Swim caps started coming into popularity in the early 20th century and were made of a heavy rubber. In the 20's, swim caps became lighter and better suited to the bobbed hair of the time. During WWII, rubber was used for military efforts so many ladies went without swim caps. In the 1950's, bathing caps were decorated with bright colors and plastic flowers. Women were very careful to keep their heads out of the water while swimming to protect their hair. I remember taking a 4th grade field trip to the St Louis History museum and seeing a brightly colored flower swim cap and thinking "I want one!!!" You can find modern 50's style swim caps here

5.) Sunglasses- A great pair of vintage sunglasses have been on my must-have list for a while. Sunglasses have long been associated with glamor and mystery thanks to Hollywood starlets and film noir femmes fatales. Stay tuned for a tutorial for putting sunglass lenses in vintage frames!

6.)Melt-proof makeup- With temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees, thick makeup is the last thing I wanton my face. I get crabby in the heat as it is!! In warmer months, I wear tinted moisturizer, loose powder, waterproof mascara and lighter shades of lipstick like coral, berry and pinks. When my makeup is light and fresh, I don't feel so sticky!

7.)Sandal ready feet-
For a gal with so many pairs of shoes, I go barefoot as often as I can! Get your tooties ready for summer with an exfoliating foot scrub and perfect vintage half-moon pedicure (tutorial coming soon!)
Slough off dead skin with this refreshing foot scrub recipe:
1/4 cup kosher salt
1/4 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup unscented lotion
2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

8.) Vintage Swimwear-
When the summer season hits, vintage clothing shops bring out the bathing suits. For my fellow curvy gals out there, vintage swim suits are made to flatter the body. I love my 50's swimsuit pictured here. It has boning and built in bra cups to give support to the ample bosom. The sturdy fabric holds the tummy in and elegant draped lines make you look your best. I've always been a fan of a swim dress or boy-short bottom and these type of suits give the look of both!
Many vintage repro companies also have amazing vintage inspired suits.
For repro swim wear check out:
Pin up Girl Clothing
ReVamp Vintage Clothing
Lolita Girl Clothing
For authentic swim wear,try etsy, ebay, estate sales, thrift stores, antique shops and your local vintage clothing stores. Fabgabs on etsy has a great selection of vintage bathing suits right now! My swimsuit came from an estate sale for $2! You can't beat that!

Original Rose Marie Reid of California Draped Sheath Swimsuit-estate sale
Bakelite earrings-St Charles Antiques
Bakelite Bangles-Retro 101, St Charles Antiques, Creve Coeur Antique Mall