How does the public react to your personal style? Do people smile, compliment you and feel inspired by your look or do they give you the stink eye, make rude statements and throw rotten vegetables in your general direction?

I have heard both sides from many vintage lovers but for the most part, I have only ever been greeted with positive reactions. About 2 weeks ago, I went to the mall with my grandma and an older gentleman walking through the bookstore tapped my arm as we passed him and said "You have a great look!" Mostly, people ask me "Are you going to a special event today?" or "Are you an actress in a play" and I say "No, this is just my style!" followed by a brief statement regarding my love for vintage fashion. I have had one unpleasant glare from a very unfashionable broad in cut-off shorts and a I just gave her the stink eye right back because she looked a mess in her Daisy Dukes and yucky hair.

Do you feel secure in your wardrobe choices or do you feel that you sometimes need guidance? In the beginning of my journey into vintage fashion, I felt unsure of myself. I always took my husband or friends along to shop with me so I could get a second opinion. I wasn't sure if 80's does 40's is a good thing that I can take advantage of or if it was downright -wrong-. In reading your blogs, reading books and magazines from the era and trial and error, I have learned a lot and I feel much better about my wardrobe choices. I'm still having some difficulty when it comes to shirts and blouses but I'm getting there...even if I have to make my own!

What do you think is the cause of your reactions? Is it your style, your personality, the way you carry yourself or how you pair items in your wardrobe? Do you get positive or negative reactions or a mix of the two? If you could improve something about your style or receive a little guidance with a particular area in fashion, what would it be?