I guess I'm on a Leo kick lately because tonight's Fashion and Film Friday pick is Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Amy Adams and Christopher Walken.

Catch Me If You Can follows the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr who impersonated a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, prison inspector and cashed 2.5 million dollars worth of checks all before his 21st birthday. Full of suspense and wit, this one is on my top favorites list!

 The film is set in the early 60's and provides many examples of that classic 50's-60's business attire, much like Mad Men. I love the hair and the flight attendant uniforms in particular. For you gentlemen, there are plenty of great suits and dapper hairstyles. The costume designer for this flick is Mary Zophres, who designed for many films including Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Intolerable Cruelty, Bewitched (movie), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Iron Man 2 and this year's True Grit.

Today, the real Frank Abagnale lives in Tulsa, OK and works for the FBI as a security consultant. He has designed many anti fraud checks and devices used around the world today. He teaches for the FBI academy and lectures about bank fraud. You can read about Frank's life and adventures here