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I dreamed I was wanted in my maidenform bra vintage ad

My baby and husband are both sick today so I'm taking care of them and cleaning the house. I meant to do much more blogging this weekend, but it was all pretty crazy, so I leave you with another "vintage undies" post and promise that this week (and weekend) will make up for my slacking!  Hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day!!

1950s pink permalift bra advertisment

Mass production if the modern bra didn't begin until the 1930's. It was then that the first elastic thread was invented and could be woven into a stretchy fabric called lastex. This new fabric replaced the need for boned corsets and revolutionized the fashion industry. Before the 30's a bra consisted of a band of fabric with straps to hold it in place.

 By 1935, bras were designed with separate cups for each breast and cup sizes were introduced to enhance the fit of a bra. Fabric shortages in the war led women to wear the "utility bra" or even make their own bra and french knicker sets from parachute silk and old wedding dresses.

By the late 40's and into the 1950's, starlets such as Lana Turner and Jane Russel brought the smooth, pointy silhouette of the bullet bra into style.

vintage kestos bra and girdle ad with finger waves

Here are some of my favorite modern vintage style bras

Rago Longline bra

Exquisite form full-ly bra

What Katie Did 1940s peach bullet bra

Carnival long line bra

The bra really is single most important undergarment on the face of the earth (in my book). Many women are surprised when they go for a first bra fitting. Usually, ladies wear bra sizes that are way too small. Professional bra fittings can be done at any lingerie store  or at most department stores .

Not only will they make your clothes fit better, they will also improve your posture, help an aching back and boost a gal's confidence by changing the way she carries herself. For us busty gals, a great fitting bra will provide the lift needed to give a little more midsection in those high-waist vintage outfits. Check out this site for calculating your correct bra size.

vintage french bullet bra advertisment

Check out my vintage bullet bra collection and bullet bra sew-along
for more bra inspiration see my pinterest board, mentionable unmentionables


  1. Hope all's well soon.x.

  2. Just discovered your blog... and I'm in love! I heartily agree on the importance of a bra fitting. But I have to note that not all stores offer the level of expertise and range of products necessary. Most mainstream stores don't carry cups above DD or bands below 32. This is especially problematic for busty gals such as myself (I wear a 32G, but Vicky's would probably try to fit me in a 36DD). If possible, I recommend going to a boutique that specializes in fittings and carries a wide range of sizes. Sorry to be so passionate about this, but as a former bra fitter I've seen many uncomfortable and unhappy women who have been sold the wrong size because they were fit at a store that didn't carry a full range of sizes.


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