We had such a great valentines weekend. On Saturday, we finally made our way to the diaper shop for some bigger cloth diapers for my Olivia. My husband is really into leather working so we went to Tandy so he could get some new toys. Olivia is growing like a weed. She's 14 pounds now, so she's growing out of her infant size cloth diapers, so we stopped at the diaper store on the way to get her the next size up.

While there, I wanted to check out the baby carriers. I've always wanted a really good carrier. When she was born, we bought a cheap sling from target but honestly, it was awful! It hurt my back because it put all of her weight on one shoulder and she could only lay in it. So, Saturday, we bought a Moby Wrap and I love, love love it!! It feels like you're not carrying anything! It's so supportive and she's secured in it really well. I thought that this style would be difficult to put on but it's really pretty easy once you get the knack of it. It's one size so the Daddy can carry her too. He often rocks her to sleep while he stands in front of the tv, playing a game late at night.

Olivia had her first piece of candy on v-day, a grape flavored ring pop, boy did she LOVE it!
For v-day my sweetie made me saffron mussels in cream sauce ( a re-creation of our sea-side honeymoon dinner!) and he ordered these amazing kitchen utensils for me! They're reproduction vintage Skyline utensils by Lakeland. Unlike the originals, these ones have dishwasher safe plastic handles. They are so lovely!

We went antiquing for a little while on Sunday and I got a vintage wrap dispenser (for foil, wax paper and such) that just happened to be aqua blue as well as some cute little dishes that match my wallpaper!