This morning, we went to the Missouri Butterfly House. It's only about 20 minutes from my house and I've never been there before! It was incredible. The butterfly conservatory holds over 2,000 butterflies. Seeing them all flying freely throughout the conservatory was one of the most magical things I've ever seen. Right now, they're showcasing the blue morphos which come out in March. There were so many stunningly beautiful species everywhere I looked! Here are just a few of the pretties that we captured with the camera:

Before going into the conservatory, we had fun checking out all of the insect species that they had on display. I used to be a receptionist for an exterminator. I hated the job but I loved learning about all of the bugs! While eating my lunch, I'd often have crazy people come into my office, throwing tupperware dishes full of various spiders, bedbugs and roaches on my desk for me to identify, so bugs don't freak me out...but if you're grossed out by bugs, beware of the next picture!! :)
Here's my husband, Pj being eaten alive by hissing cockroaches!! Eeeeeeeek!

The butterfly conservatory was scorching hot and very humid but there were lots of happy little butterflies! One of them flew right in front of Olivia's face!

They have hundreds of cocoons on display every day so you can always see a butterfly emerging, which is amazing to see! Olivia seemed to really enjoy it even though she's just a little peanut. I think that she'll have a blast once she's older!

I'm an avid scrapbooker so we always take LOTS of pictures of Olivia out and about and around town!

After the Butterfly House, we decided to go out to the St. Louis Science Center. Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures from that adventure!