For those of you who read yesterday's Madame Butterfly Post, after our trip to the Butterfly House, my husband, baby and I went to the St. Louis Science Center. I haven't been there since I was a kid and it has changed a LOT! The Science Center is a hands-on science museum for children. They have lots of science labs that kids can participate in, an i-max theater, planetarium (pictured above) and bunch of fun kid-friendly activities. I played the laser harp! It was so cool because there weren't any strings but if you ran your fingers through the harp, it triggered laser strings which all played a different note! There is a bridge that crosses the highway with little holes cut out in the floor with glass over it that you can stand on. So, Livie and I stood on it but the Daddy was too chicken (*cluck, cluck!*)

It was pretty crazy and crowded on a Sunday afternoon, so we didn't hang around too long. After we left, we went to the Science Center's Science Park to play. Olivia was pretty much asleep by that time but Pj and I had fun playing.

Here's my impromptu photoshoot in the color maze, which is made of various colored sheets of plexiglass. I will be going back with some awesome color coordinated outfits this spring!

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