Fashion and Film Friday: DeLovely


Cole Porter Delovely movie 1930s fashion

Starring Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd,De-Lovely is the enchanting and bizarre musical biography of composer and songwriter, Cole Porter. Porter's work stretched from the early 1920's to late 1950's, making DeLovely a great inspiration to vintage fashion lovers.

The costumes were designed by the very talented Janty Yates who also designed costumes for Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator and this year's up-coming film, Robin Hood.  The soundtrack features some of the most popular music of the day. Delovely is a heartbreakingly beautiful and unconventional love story.

Delovely 1930s movie style

cole porter 1930s de-lovely movie fashion

The hairstyles in DeLovely are absolutely flawless, which is no surprise because it was all designed by Simon Thompson, hair designer of Titanic and Emma.  To replicate a perfect 1930s look, check out 1930s makeup guides from Glamor Daze.

1930s makeup guides fingerwaves vintage hair and makeup how-to

de-lovely movie cole porter 1930s fashion

ashley judd delovely movie 1930s pants fashion and fingerwaves

de-lovely ashley judd fashion fingerwaves

For next week's Fashion and Film Friday: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

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  1. yep, the hair and fashion that movie are DE-Lovely alright! Thanks for reminding. Gotta rewatch this one. Miss Pettigrew is also a personal favourite...can't wait.

  2. I envy Ashley's perfect finger waves!! *sighs* After I figure it out and get lots of practice, I'll be posting a tute on that too!!

  3. I have never seen this movie all the way through. I always managed to catch it at the end. Maybe I should rent it! The costumes are stunning.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  4. "Believe in Me" had lovely late 50's early 60's fashion. :)


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