Winter is my favorite time of year to bake! The oven heats this tiny house up so much in the warmer months so I like to pull out my Pyrex and bake as much as possible while it is still cold out. Every month I stock the freezer with homemade waffles, breakfast sandwiches and burritos for Pj's work week and snacks for the kids like mini pizzas, zucchini muffins, and banana bread.

I really do wear aprons while I bake. I'm very messy and I often wipe my hands on my lap so the apron catches all of that flour and wet hands. I found this cute blue gingham apron at an antique shop in my neighborhood. They always have such cute vintage linens. Although I don't display my vintage tablecloths very often, my aprons are all lined up on a rack in the kitchen. I usually wear a durable (not so cute) canvas apron for daily housework but this one matched my outfit too perfectly to not take it for a spin today.

These vintage metal canisters are one of my favorite things in my kitchen. They belonged to my Great Grandma Alma and she had them on her countertop for years. I remember her dipping her hand in the flour to make her famous buckwheat pancakes or rum cake for Christmas. Now they sit on my counter with her little grey metal box full of her handwritten recipe cards.

After baking, I had some leftovers for lunch while I got caught up on The Crown. Last night I made Romanian Stuffed Peppers and Savory Cheese Pie, both recipes from Jo Cooks. Her blog is one of my favorites for recipes! These stuffed peppers are so good.  They've been on my regular rotation for quite a while! I even found the right kind of peppers at a local-global foods grocery store but I've also used regular bell peppers and they're fantastic. Perfect for a cold winter night.