In September, Pj had a day off work and the kids were in school so we adventured out to lunch and a few thrift stores by ourselves. I knew cold weather was around the corner and I had my heart set on a new coat or two for the season.  

The first few shops didn't prove fruitful but we stopped for a sandwhich and went on to the next. It was a Salvation Army that I don't go to very often but they had a big coat sale and I scoured the racks in search of something wonderful. 

For years I had been searching for a skirted coat like this that wouldn't break the bank. Every time I looked through a coat rack, I hoped to find even something with enough fabric I could sew one but I never did....until that day. I spotted the skirt poking out and loved the colors. 

I had a feeling it wouldn't be anywhere near by size but it was perfect! Can you believe this is an Isaac Mizrahi for Target coat? It buttons all the way down the skirt with a belted detail and loads of matching buttons up the sleeve cuffs. It even has a beautiful red silky lining.

 Its amazingly warm and for $20, I couldn't pass it up! I wasn't sure about the black velvet collar and I thought about replacing it with something else (maybe red?) but its growing on me. Especially since it matches my black velvet boots. 

These beautiful boots were sent to me this year by The Victorian Trading Company. I have been waiting for the perfect weather and perfect outfit to wear them with. All of the buttons make them look tricky to get into without a button hook but they zip up the side for modern ease of wear. I especially love the little bow detail on the toe. 

Today I set my hair in hot rollers but it did not cooperate with curls so I swept some of it up in a roll and put the rest in an invisible hair net. The net was very light and comfortable and even though my hair was a mess of half-curled tangles underneath it all, it looked pretty tidy! I will have to buy a few more for days like this because it was a huge time saver. 

When we came home I found my little chicken girl digging in her favorite dry spot in the garden, taking a dust bath and hanging out with her friend, the neighbor chicken that hops the fence to play with her every day. 

Coat- Thrifted
Cabaret Velvet High Top Boots- The Victorian Trading Company