I love so many of the beautiful old buildings in my neighborhood. One near home is an old school that was recently bought by a family of artists and creators and they turned it into a beautiful art studio. The owner, Mary has been working hard on her pretty patio outside and I stopped on my walk one day when it was somewhat warm to take some pictures. 

She has a patch of decorative kale that is just as pretty as any flower and seeing how well hers is doing is inspiring me to plant some in my winter garden too. 

On a few occasions while walking around this area,  I've bumped into people who attended elementary school in this building and they told me stories about the cafeteria catching on fire one day and how they would walk to a nearby candy shop around the corner, which is now an empty field. 

This amazing brooch was a lucky find in a bargain basket at an antique mall. Its one of my favorites and I thought it was perfect to wear with the arts building. 

My mom is a professional artist (book and tarot illustrator) and my grandpa was an art teacher and is an amazing watercolor artist so paint palettes hold a special place in my heart. 

I wonder what the neighborhood was like when this big building was full of children playing and school buses dropping them off in the parking lot. I wish I could have walked the kids to the candy shop for treats and soda. 

This cardigan is a vintage find that I picked up in a thrift shop when my kids were babies so its kind of in need of replacement, I think. Its so soft and I love the collar and the fit but its pilling and had has its share of repairs. I think I'm going to knit a replacement as soon as I finish my current project but I haven't found just the right pattern yet. Do let me know if you find a good match! 

peasant top- thirfted
vintage sweater- thrifted
mustard skirt- thirfted
ballet flats- Target
palette brooch- St Charles Antique Mall
wicker and Lucite purse-Antique Mall of Creve Coeur