Outfit: Shirtwaist Dress Refashion


plus size vintage gingham check jumper dress thrift store refashion from Va-Voom Vintage

Over the winter, I picked up this cute black and white 80s shirtwaist dress at a thrift store. I loved the skirt and pockets and the light cotton fabric but, like many things it was way too small in the bust. I brought it home anyway, since it was only a few bucks. I figured I could do something with it. I tried it on again and it fit great in all areas except it wouldn't button up the front. I cut the sleeves off and turned them into straps and cut the bodice into an apron top, sewed the straps on and now have a cute apron-like dress. I made it to wear a blouse underneath, its open on the sides. I think it'll be really cute with a peasant blouse when its really hot this summer.

My father in law gave me this vintage camera in a box of stuff he had in his house for ages. I usually just sit it on a shelf in the living room for decoration but one day I opened it up and started playing with it. They don't make the film for it anymore but it turns out, you can buy film spools and roll your own film onto the spools and use it. I'm hoping to give it a go this summer and take it on some family picnics or road trips!

plus size vintage gingham check jumper dress thrift store refashion from Va-Voom Vintage

plus size vintage gingham check jumper dress thrift store refashion from Va-Voom Vintage

black and white gingham check dress and vintage camera from va-voom vintage

black and white vintage gingham check summer dress from Va-Voom Vintage


apron dress- thirfted and refashioned
sweater- thrifted
shoes-amazon *

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  1. Very clever and cute remake of the dress. :) I have a camera like yours, and remember buying very expensive films for it. And considering that the making of the photos was very expensive too, I stopped using it and now it decorates my camera collection shelf. Have a nice day, dear. :)

  2. First, I ADORE this outfit! Second, we have shot with this camera before. It is soooo much fun. The re-spooling is not fun, as it has to be done in a dark-dark room. But the photos that these cameras produce is marvelous. Since the lens quality is so poor, they produce a really etherial feel. We don't shoot with our dual lens nearly as much as we used to, as both the film and development is expensive, but it's something we really want to get back to once we sort out some of the more expensive home improvements.


  3. Hey, Brittany!

    I am so glad you are back to blogging! I was reading through some of your older posts and came across the 40s Fashion Calendar. Is this something you think you may revive? I was so interested in it and there are only two months (January and February).

  4. Hello! I'm thrilled to have just found your blog! I love your outfit and the camera looks so sweet. 😊


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