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Its supposed to be autumn in St Louis now but every day I walk outside, hoping to be met with that crisp chill in the air but instead its muggy. My wool skirts and knits have been languishing in the closet for too long! This morning, it finally happened....fall weather!!  Today I wore a new thrifted skirt. It was about 6 inches longer when I bought it so I hemmed it yesterday. Its from the 70s but the new length is pretty versatile for all of my favorite vintage eras. I paired it with a previously disliked 70s knit top. I bought the top because I love the cute collar but the sleeves were just above elbow length, which just accentuated the bulk of my upper arms. So today I cuffed the sleeves and I think I like it!  I made myself an iced coffee and sat on the porch, working on a 60s knit headband for a while. I heard a rustling noise from the alley between my house and the neighbors and I peeked around the corner to see his chickens fighting over my cherry tomatoes through the fence. I tossed a few over to them and they were so happy.

Lets get real about my shoes for a minute . On weekdays, I typically stay home all day so please don't think for a minute that I'm watching Netflix and folding laundry in these great blue heels.I do like to wear my pretty shoes when I go out on weekends or for weeknight dates or something but other than that, they don't get much play.  When you see pretty shoes here on a weekday just know that I kicked those suckers off as soon as I was done taking pictures of them!  I do love these shoes. They're from BAIT footwear. I got them on crazy cheap sale on Zulily a few months ago. If you like BAIT and a good deal, definitely check out Zulily.

Oh and I got my hair cut a few weeks ago! I've been keeping it in a bun almost all summer so I wanted a change. I went to see a vintage loving friend who is a hair stylist and I sent her some photos of an adorable 1960s Sylvie Vartan. I was looking for a style that I could wear in a 60s style flip or tease in a bouffant or curl under in a pageboy. Something no-fuss that looks good unstyled too. I am so in love with this cut. I've had an authentic middy before but this is so much easier for a modern girl who may not style it every day. I did do some long hair tutorials before the chop so I'll be editing and posting those pics soon and following up with some short hair tutorials too!

70s knit keyhole top: The Baleout St Louis (closed)
vintage starburst brooch-heirloom from my great grandma
70s wool skirt- thirfted, Salvation army.
blue heels- BAIT Footwear through Zulily


  1. Your life looks so fun and cozy :) wearing pretty clothes, and taking the time to do things the old ways. I loved your housewife series too (I always need help finding oomph to clean).

    And I love that whole outfit. I've been digging the new hair, and that sweater is cute as heck - I'm glad you found a way to wear it.

  2. You are so cute. I really like your outfit and hair style. I love the shoes but would never even try them on as they hurt my feet just looking at them. Ha ha. St. Louis is my birth place so I love reading anything that goes on there. Hearing about the weather and seeing your bare feet kind of makes me feel I am there too. I am in California and I am often in bare feet.

  3. I love this! You look super cute, and I appreciate the look into your everyday casual style.

  4. Love how cute this look is! The skirt and shirt are perfect together and really pop with the blue shoes... although, I gotta say, I've never found bait shoes to be comfortable, so I don't wear them for long periods of time either!

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  5. I've never seen the seventies look so good as here on you. And I am normally not a fan of the seventies. Your shoes are very lovely. And Ive noticed your bare dirty feet before, so I suspect you to be barefeet most of the day - just like me (except in Danish winter, which is always damn cold). Have a lovely day, dear. :)


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