Outfit: The Need to Bare Arms


It's 101 degrees in my town today. So miserably hot that my roofer husband is off work and the kids don't even want to swim. On days like today the only thing to do is hit the library.

I returned my recent read, Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. Its a sequel to You, which I haven't read but the librarian said its really creepy and twisted. Hidden Bodies was pretty hard to put down but the ending left me wondering if there will be a third book.

plus size 1960s vintage dress via Va-Voom Vintage

I always head straight to the cookbook section. I love cookbooks with beautiful full color photos throughout and I usually pick something up based on the cute typography on the spine. I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I often do. On this trip, I grabbed a Nigella Lawson cookbook promising quick meals (which always grabs my attention) and a bento book since I'm gearing up for packing school lunches again in a few weeks! 

 In light of this dreaded heat, I picked one of my recently sewn cotton dresses from my closet this morning. I sewed 3 or 4 of these dresses, planning to wear them with a shirt underneath or a cardigan on top. I never wear sleeveless because I'm self conscious about my arms. I think a lot of people have a "thing" like that but I'm starting to feel like I need to let it go and embrace shorts and sleeveless shirts in the name of comfort.

 Its hard to feel comfortable in clothes when you're not totally comfortable with certain parts of your bod  but I reasoned with myself, when the temp is reading over 99, I'll be much less comfortable with long sleeves.  I put on lipstick, set my hair in rollers and hit the road. With my cute fruity earrings and lace-up shoes, I didn't even care about my wobbly arms. Believe it or not, I actually ironed this dress right before we left home but the humidity and heat sitting in the car crumpled it right up again! I swear, autumn cant get here fast enough!

I wore my atomic clock brooch today, which I did a tutorial for a while back. I used sewing pins for the little spines!

retro atomic vintage clock brooch
vintage fruit salad earrings

 Dress- handmade by me 
fruity earrings-antique mall
vintage wicker purse- thrifted
vintage sheer scarf-thrifted
atomic clock brooch-made by me, tutorial here


  1. You look cute as a button in that dress! Yellow can be hard to pull off but it looks great - so summery and breezy! And I can't believe you were able to have hair doing cute things in the heat!!! When it's hot my hair is on top of my head in whatever style gets it up fastest haha :P

  2. I had the same thing about my arms, but then I decided that I just didn't care anymore. There's no looking back now! I almost can't even stand to wear sleeves now. Texas is oppressively hot, so comfort takes center stage.

  3. You look great. Anyone who would judge you or think nasty things because if your arms isn't worth your consideration.

  4. You look amazing. When it's over 100 all rules are off. I found myself stopping by the grocery store in a swimsuit and shorts!

  5. I worry about my arms too, even though I know no one cares and there is more to life than an arm wobble. It does get to a point though, especially when it is hot that you let your hang ups go. It's such a freeing feeling!

  6. Just wanted to say hey, Brittany! I just stumbled up on your blog and I love your style, girlie! I have a blog, too. I love vintage, Pyrex, estate sales and anything 60's and 70's. Maybe we can be buds! :)

  7. Love your style! You are such a pretty gal and look great in retro.


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