I thrifted this Target dress last year sometime and I haven't worn it much because I'm not loving that Mandarin collar. I decided to give it a little re-style into a super flattering and perfectly vintage sweetheart neckline. It was so quick, I did this in about 10 minutes. Here's how....

Before and After

Start by unbuttoning the collar, or cut the collar down to where you want it to end. Fold the collar inwards and pin into a V-neck. Take the dress off and turn inside out

Sew the collar down and trim the excess.

Next, I folded the sides of the V like an accordion and pinned in place, in even spots on both sides

stitch down

That's all there is to it! I left the back of the collar as it is, so its high at the back of the neck like a 1940s sweetheart neckline would be. I'm so happy with this dress. I may replace the buttons at some point or add some little ribbon bows at either corner of the sweetheart shape.