30 days of corset wearing with Va-Voom Vintage

Over the next 30 days, I'll be trying out the Brocade Underbust corset from Hourglass Angel. I've never done any serious waist training, wearing a corset all day, every day. Due to my lifestyle, I don't think I'll do anything that extreme this time around. I'll be wearing it throughout the morning and afternoon, while I do my housework and hobbies and following a smart diet and exercise plan. Let's see how it goes over the next several weeks!

I've chosen the Brocade Underbust corset , which laces up the back with steel boning throughout, which I can wear over or under most things. Since I have a short waist, I thought the 10 1/2 inch  length of this one would be good to try, nothing pinching or riding up. I like an underbust corset too, so I can wear any bra I like and the center front is gently curved at the bottom, not pointed, which is important for me for sitting comfort.

For the first week, I've been seasoning (or breaking in) my corset. I added new laces to mine. This corset comes with one lace, so you can have it tie at either the top or the bottom. I like it to tie in the middle, so I added a second lace. Seasoning a corset is so important to get yourself used to wearing it and get the corset to shape to your body over time without damaging it or hurting yourself. I've been wearing mine around the house for short periods of time, laced snug but not tight. While seasoning your corset, you should be able to fit a few fingers between yourself and the corset.

corset wearing tips for plus sizes via va voom vintage

This corset is a good starting point for casual corset wearers or for costume. It has 12 flat steel bones and cotton twill lining. The brocade fabric is pretty enough to wear on the outside of your clothes. I also wanted to talk a little bit about flat steel vs spiral steel and how it changes the way the corset fits and shapes your body. There's a really fantastic article at Foundations Revealed with a comparison of the two on different body types, so you should definitely check that out when considering which type of steel would be a better fit for you.

I thought you all might enjoy this fun video from British Pathe about corsets and padding used to create the Dior New Look in the late 1940s. Check out that gal's corseted waist!

Stay tuned next week for an update on week two of 30 days of corset wearing for some before and after pics and we'll talk about eating, moving, sitting and going about your day in a corset.

* corset provided c/o Hourglass Angel*