In the mornings while its still cool, the kids and I love to sit on the front porch and watch people walk their dogs and drive to work. Sometimes I bring my laptop with me and check emails and sip iced tea, which I set on a little wooden stool draped in a strawberry print vintage tea towel, trimmed in red fringe.

Lately, we've had a lot of dragonflies dancing around. My son named one of the Jeff. Our front porch is one of my favorite things about this house. It has these beautiful scalloped tin awnings over the windows and a metal scalloped edge mailbox that goes "Tink!" When the mail lady closes it. The floor boards are worn and shabby and in the winter the icicles do all of the decorating for me.

plus size vintage casual style with jeans and pincurls on a retro country porch via Va Voom Vintage with Brittany
On rainy days, a puddle collects at the bottom of the steps, perfect for splashing and quacking in, when you're pretending to be a little duck. We grow lambs ear in the garden and Olivia loves to put one behind each ear and say "I'm a little lamb! Pet my soft ears!" 

 I hope our next home has such a wonderful, quiet place to sit and enjoy the sunshine. At night when it's storming, after the kids are tucked in, I sit here on my little retro glider and listen to the rain fall on the tin awnings. Absolute bliss.

vintage blouse- estate sale
jeans- Thrifted (Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans)- more about these jeans in this post
wedges- Thrifted, originally from Madden Girl

plus size vintage casual style with jeans and pincurls via Va Voom Vintage with Brittany