wacky tuna watercolor art and retro handmade accessories from va voom vintage

I've been super busy for the past few weeks getting some new things made for Wacky Tuna. Last weekend, I binge-watched Netflix and crocheted snoods for two days in a row, adding lots of new spring colors.

handmade 1940s pin up hair snoods from wacky tuna on etsy

handmade 1940s pin up hair snoods from wacky tuna on etsy

I love snoods for fancy date nights and days around the house when I just need to pull my hair up and get some work done. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to wear a snood. 

Yesterday, I listed my brand new watercolor brooch collection! These brooches were really fun to design. I get a lot of inspiration for quirky pins from the things around my house and in my vintage magazines. I decided to turn them into mini art prints, which are then cut out of wood in my husband's workshop, finished and sealed with a clear protective coating.

retro vintage style watercolor novelty brooches from wacky tuna on etsy

My felt brooches will be eventually phased out with more of my watercolor accessories and art prints listed so I re-designed my pretty packaging with a funny fish and beautiful hand lettering that I've been practicing this week. 

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