how to get quick and easy vintage curls with conair hot sticks

I've had a lot of requests or just general questions about how to use hot sticks so let's discuss! Hotsticks are a thin rubber hot roller from Conair. They're much loved by many vintage girls because they create a curl that's pretty close to pin curls without much effort. Nothing will ever completely replicate a pin curl but when you're in a hurry, they're awesome.

I've been using my hot sticks for about 4 years now. They did take some practice to get used to. When I first tried them, I burnt my finger tips and wondered how anyone could say good things about them. I kept trying, though and in a short while, I figured them out and now never burn myself.

I hate to do videos but some things just can't be shown well without a video so here we go! Come watch as I totally goof my way from straight hair to vintage curls in just 15 minutes. Even after 5 years of styling vintage hair, I still mess up on daily basis but I think it's good to show myself as I really am, being impatient, flubbing my way through things and everything turning out okay in the end. This is my daily style that I do when I'm at home, going shopping or to the park with the kids. Its not very fancy, just quick and completes the vintage look with a simple house dress.


Frizzy Hair- If your hair turns out frizzy when you brush out, try experimenting with an anti frizz serum or pomade to smooth it out.

Dealing with bangs- If you have annoying bangs like mine, you can also hit them with the curling iron if they don't curl well with the hot sticks. Or you can be extra silly and try the poodle fringe like I did in my quick and easy vintage hair tutorial

Keeping a curl- If your area is humid or if your hair doesn't hold a curl for long, try a spritz of hair spray on the curls before brushing out. Also, keeping the rollers in for the longest amount of time possible will help their staying power.  I often spray a little setting lotion on while wet, blow dry completely, then roll.