vintage loafers and bright blue socks

watercolor text books

watercolor paint palette

Last night I had watercolor lessons with my grandpa, who is an award winning artist with a degree in art education. I learned so much, just watching him work. When I was a little girl, we lived with Grandpa for several years but I was only in kindergarten so I rarely saw his studio. It was always a mysterious place to my sister and I. Upstairs in our house was Grandpa's space with his computers, paint and a tiny door to the attic, which we were sure actually led to Wonderland.  It was so fun finally getting to see all of his tools and watch him sweep the brushes around- something I've wanted to see since I was 5.  He gave me a beautiful old easel that folds up very flat and a few art books. I ran to the craft store this morning with my 50% off coupon for some new paper so I can get started putting his tips to use.

I stole Pj's shirt today. It's just so big and comfy. Perfect for a grey, wet morning. I usually wear it with yoga pants, just swimming in it but I kind of love it tucked in and rolled up. I may have to get some more for myself.

henley shirt-stolen from Pj
wool skirt- the bale out, St Louis (now closed)
loafers- thrifted