For over 6 months, I've fell into a blogging rut. I've been writing Va-Voom Vintage for 5 years so I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner! I talked to friends and family about it and wondered if I should bring this blog to a close.

Va-Voom Vintage in Chicago

I started writing Va-Voom Vintage to give myself a creative outlet, a hobby away from motherhood and to connect with other people who love history and fashion as much as I do. It has grown into something wonderful over the years and has become a major part of my life.

I tried to find new ways to rekindle my relationship with my blog. I bought a fancy new blog planner, created an office space for myself, tried new blog topics. All of these thing got me excited about it for a short time but I was soon back to feeling burnt out, clinging to the hope that I would fall in love with blogging again.

Then, last week, I found that my domain had expired and I had to get a new one! For 3 days, my blog was down. I couldn't post if I wanted to. I couldn't see my old posts, all of my links directed to this spammy site. It was crushing. And that's when I found my love of blogging again.

I cracked open my day planner and saw all of my notes on things I wanted to blog about, tutorials I want to share with you and remembered emails from readers about how my blog made a difference in their life. I remembered women who I have never met before, who lived hundreds of miles away who said that my outfits and tutorials and such made them want to be a better version of themselves.

Va-Voom Vintage in Chicago plus size vintage dress with victory rolls

When I started this blog, I had exactly ZERO friends in my life that I wasn't related to. I was a housewife, I didn't know anyone. I wore pajama pants and flopped on the couch with a bowl of cereal in the afternoon. In the past 5 years, I've met Daffny from New York, Emily from Michigan, Lauren from California, Gina from Chicago. I met my best friend, Amanda who lived in my city and loved vintage. I met another mom who lives 3 doors down because we were introduced through a lady who met me through my blog!  I've been featured in print magazines, traveled to another state to model for Maddy James. That's not to mention all of the great online friends that I haven't met in person yet! My blog led me to my kindred spirits.

My first blog post started in December of 2009. I had a point and shoot camera from walmart that I got on sale for 20 bucks and couple of things that I found at the thrift store that didn't look remotely vintage but I thought they did. My victory rolls were terrible but I put it out there and learned as I blogged.

This December marks my 5 year blogging anniversary and I am suddenly happy and excited about it. Most of all, I can't wait to see what the next several years of Va-Voom Vintage has in store for us.

My URL has changed and is now at  If you have any links on your websites, bookmarks or favorite pinterest pins, please help me out by switching your links.  You can also read more on what's happening here by signing up for my email newsletter or subscribe to posts by email.

Thank you, from my bottom of my heart for taking a few moments from your day to read my blog, email me with your stories and questions and for hanging in there during my burnt-out phase.  Now, let's have some fun again! I'm really ready. 

Va-Voom Vintage in Chicago plus size vintage dress with victory rolls