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support handmade for the holidays 1950s christmas tree card

I was flipping through one of my favorite books,  Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman the other day. In the December section, she mentions small handmade gifts for Christmas in the 1920s. A dresser scarf, a strap to carry books. All practical with handmade details that make it special.

I love the idea of giving a personal, useful, handmade gift. Not piles and piles of stuff bought at a big box store. Just one beautiful present, wrapped in the funny papers or in a simple square of fabric tied with yarn.

 This year, we're giving our kids a lot of handmade gifts to be packed in recycled boxes and great thrift finds that we've picked up throughout the year. I have always wanted to do a handmade christmas, whether made by myself or bought from another crafter. I'm making a fabric hopscotch mat with appliqued numbers, a beautiful fabric doll with a few sets of clothes, a puppet stage and sets of finger puppets for different plays and Pj is whipping up some awesome wooden scooters for the little ones. It's been tricky finding a time when I can work on their gifts while they aren't around but so far, they're turning out great! I can't wait to share them here.

While Christmas shopping this year, I hope that we all look to places like etsy and Instagram for unique handmade gifts from small business owners and artisans. Here is my list of beautiful things that I would love to find under the tree this year....

Sky Blue sparkle vinyl wristlet with white starbursts from Retro Redone
 ---handmade in Orlando, Florida---

Sky Blue sparkle vinyl wristlet with white starbursts from Retro Redone

---handmade in the USA----

Findings from the beach resin bangle from Modern Flower Child

Claire Beauchamp Outlander style hand knitted capelet from JubileeRd
--- handmade in Australia---
Claire Beauchamp Outlander style hand knitted capelet from JubileeRd

2015 Monthly Planner from ShePlans
---handmade in Roanoke, Virginia---

2015 Monthly Planner from ShePlans

colorblock and woodgrain phone cade from Casesbycsera
---designed and made from eco friendly materials in Turkey---

colorblock and woodgrain phone cade from Casesbycsera


  1. I'm vowing to do all hand made gifts this year (with the exception of a few stocking stuffers). Unless it starts to cause too much stress, into that case it will be baked goods. Which is sort of the same thing. With lots of time on my hands and very little money, I think this is the best route. Hand made gifts are so much more meaningful. Your gift ideas sound lovely, I look forward to seeing them.

    She Knits in Pearls

  2. I love "Vintage Notions"! Such a great book! I've been pondering that, too, a handmade Christmas. I'll be working on that for this year!

  3. Such a great post Brittany! I started crocheting when I was twelve, I'm seventeen now and I give handmade gifts every year. I love making gifts so much, but I love giving them away even more, I get this great and special feeling when I give stuff away. Unfortunately, most of my family members beside my parents, brothers, and an aunt, are NOT sentimental about anything really. I mean they throw anything that looks old. Which is why I always hesitate to give them things that I have made. But at least they know that I made the scarf, hat, etc. with all my heart, and that's all that really counts! Straight from the heart!

  4. I really like the sound of all the presents that you are making your children. I try to give handmade gifts where possible and am trying to increase my collection of handmade decorations.

  5. Goodness, yes, we need a return to simpler Christmases with practical, lovely, sometimes (or always) handmade presents that show thought and care for the recipient's needs, not juts that you're willing to pay credit card debt for months after December 25th. Poignant, beautiful post, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Thank you for featuring my Claire capelet on your post Brittany!
    So excited that you like it.
    I started knitting one when I had broken ribs earlier this year and then a friend asked me to knit one for her.
    I love seeing their new homes and chatting with the new owners has been lovely.
    This is one of the things I love most about crafting, the friendship and the knowledge that someone appreciates what I do.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    From Australia,
    Miss Jubilee / Louise


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