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Everyone has little quirks. I have several. I can't drink out of a glass of water after I set it down, unless it has a lid. I love to sweep and mop and I can't do anything if my space is cluttered and disorganized. I am basically useless for at least a few days while I binge watch Netflix and figure out what I need to do. After that part of the cycle is over, I go on a mad cleaning spree and throw things away things I will probably need next week.

This happened on a large scale recently and I haven't been able to blog or do anything as a result. The house got a total organization and de-clutter overhaul and so did my blog. It took about 3 weeks to get everything how I wanted it but we're here now and I can finally sit down and do the things I love to do, including crafting, Etsy selling and blogging. My craft room is completely organized, my vintage magazines are on the shelves according to date and we're teaching the kids to tidy up bedroom and playroom before bed. I made myself a new cleaning schedule that works well with our new time spent working on Kindergarten prep and fun craft projects.

I hope that you like my new blog look and new navigation. My navigation was a major problem for a long time but I think I finally got it how I wanted it. There's a lovely drop down menu up there and most of the links will take you to a beautiful interactive gallery of posts so I hope you can all finally find what you're looking for and have an easier time exploring my old posts that were lost in the sea of messiness that I had going on for a while.

Also in the past few weeks, I was given a huge collection of vintage craft magazines. Like, they filled the trunk of our PT Cruiser! I have so many amazing vintage crafts, knitting and crochet patterns and fashions to share from them here so we can all look forward to that!

Apologies for the much needed and very long blog break but I feel like I can finally work more efficiently and have fun now that the hard work is done. Blogging will resume tomorrow! 


  1. A much needed break is always good, especially after all the overhauling! I love the new blog look, it's very lovely and a bit more interactive, which is always nice.
    I very recently did a mini overhaul of my blog, my room is next...when the next long break starts.

  2. I'm on a blog break now too. But mine is due to work. I'd love three weeks to get totally organized! I can imagine how satisfied you feel! :)


  3. Good for you! Your blog looks lovely. I have the same thing about water! I can't sip on the same glass of water all day, I really need to just get myself new glasses every time haha!

  4. My house is a wreak and it's doing a number on my mood. Sadly hay fever and an asthma attack are making it hard to make much progress.

    And the blog looks great and we all need blogging breaks! :)

  5. Awesome job!!! I've always been a fan of doing both a big spring and fall cleaning, if one is warranted. I love being super tidy and organized the whole year round, but things can fall to the wayside and need a proper sprucing up sometimes. There's just something about the clarity and peace-of-mind that a well organized, clean-as-a-whistle house instills that helps me be all the more productive in other areas of my life.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Love your blog, dear. And also the design. But some strange thing happens when I read your blog on my iPad, everything becomes half size. I just enlarge it, but wanted to let you know. And I can't do anything too if my space is cluttered and disorganized. DH keeps telling me to sit in the sofa and relax, and says "You cannot see the mess in the kitchen". But honey, I KNOW it's there, so I simply have to clean it up. I am also much more creative when there's not messy around me. Then I can focus and concentrate. Strange. Have a nice day, dear. :) I will be looking forward to seeing your vintage craft magazines.

  7. So very glad that you are back and everything is tip-top and tidy. I've recently moved and although it was stressful, it has been wonderful to start over with a clean slate (clean being the operative word). As every thing has been cleaned for the move and everything is being organized as we unpack, I'm now realizing that we had been slowly drowning in our cluttered chaos. It's such a relief to be out of the mess. Your new layout and format looks wonderful.

    She Knits in Pearls

  8. Looking forward to seeing items from the vintage craft magazines.


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