Tutorial: Firecracker Popper for Little Ones


 My kids love the 4th of July. We watch fireworks at my grandma's house while their daddy and Pee-Paw shoot them off in a nearby field. Since they're still too small to light anything themselves, I put together a little party popper full of treats for them.

4th of july firecracker party popper activity for little kids this summer

You may include any small trinkets such as:
small toys from quarter machines or the dollar store
candies or fruit snacks
sidewalk chalk or crayons
glow sticks for night time

4th of july firecracker party popper activity for little kids this summer

cover the toilet paper tube in pretty wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. Trim the edges to line up with the toilet paper tube

roll the goodies up in a sheet of tissue paper. Roll tightly and make sure it'll fit in the toilet paper tube.

twist the ends and tie with a piece of ribbon, yarn or washi tape

slide the tissue package into the tube and decorate with washi tape


  1. How cute is this? And it looks easy enough that I could both do it and might have most if not all of the needed items on hand already. Thanks for sharing something so easy and cute.

  2. These are fabulous!!! I think I'll whip up some orange and black ones for Halloween.

    ♥ Jessica


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