National Lipstick Day


1948 lipstick kiss test tissues
via Vintage Sleaze

Today is national lipstick day! I didn't even know that there was such a thing but if we can have national "talk like a pirate day", why not celebrate the best cosmetic product of all time?

Did you know that lipstick was the only cosmetic not rationed during WWII? It was thought to increase morale and I bet that it did!   My go-to lipstick this summer has not been a typical red, but this sheer jumbo stick in "Pink Umbrellas" from ELF

ELF pink umbrellas jumbo lip gloss

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  1. Oooh good to know! I wear lipstick every single day so to me this wasn't much of a stretch. I did love seeing that vintage ad

  2. That 'kiss test' chart is so funny.

  3. That lip print chart is so funny. I remember seeing that a few years ago and trying to do the coke lips the next time I wore lipstick.

  4. Yeah, who knew there was a "Lipstick Day?" Well, I'm three days late but at least I'll know for 2015.



  5. National lipstick day, I didn't know such one existed either, how fun. :) We cannot live without lipstick.


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