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This little guy was dumped off on a country road and found by a nice guy who took him in a few months ago. Unfortunately, he didn't get along well with the nice guy's dogs so he posted an ad on Craigslist for him.

That same morning, Pj, the kids and I were at the pet store and had decided that it was time to bring a critter into the family. I had a ferret when I was a teenager through my early 20s and I miss having the little nippers around.  I came home and got on craigslist to see about a nice sized cage at a decent price when I saw the ad.

We took a mini road trip to pick him up and when he got home, he promptly explored every nook and cranny of the house. We've been teaching the kids how to play with a ferret and to be extra gentle. They're very interested in making sure that he has plenty of water and Olivia even volunteered to help scoop his litter boxes.

We named him "Lebowski" or "The Dude".

Ferrets are very intelligent, playful and interesting creatures. They love to dig, hide things and run around exploring as much as possible. Lebowski sleeps in his cage at night but when I'm home during the day, he pretty much gets full run of the house. We love to take him on walks to the park and short trips to the pet store. The Dude is litter box trained, just like a cat and he gets baths to keep his coat fresh and soft. Some ferrets spend a lot of time in their cage but like a cat or dog, they are happiest when they get to socialize and play. He's great with the kids and they've been good to him so far. I'm still trying to teach Olivia that he doesn't want to ride in her baby stroller and teach Rhys that he wont bite his toes so he can get off the back of the couch.

If you love ferrets too, you can follow Lebowski's silliness on Instagram @lebowski_thedude_ferret and check out my pinterest board," Carpet Sharks" for great toys, homes and ferret care.

So, I hope you all don't mind some outfit pics with His Dudeness here!