Vintage Bliss Market 2014


1950s pink phonest louis vintage bliss market 2014

Last Saturday, we met a few local vintage loving girls from the St Louis Vintage Enthusiasts Group at the Vintage Bliss Market at Westport Plaza. This was a new event and quite a fantastic turn out! They had over 50 vendors, live music, balloons and face paint for the kids and a ton of shoppers. Rhys was a ninja turtle and when that face paint washed off at the end of the day, he was absolutely broken hearted!


There were not a ton of clothes but we did find some spectacular home decor, accessories and handmade things.

antique type writer keys

I found these raffia tumblers, fab shower curtain and a vintage dress for Olivia. I also picked up this beautiful 1940s booklet on typefaces and advertising

vintage 50s kitschy raffiaware tumblers, vintage pink fish bathroom shower curtain

Va-Voom Vintage green tie blouse, plus size 1950s drindl skirt 1940s style pin up rolls vintage hair

green tie blouse- handmade by me from a 1940s pattern
50s skirt- warehouse sale
Aris Allen rug cutter wedges
assorted bakelite
guitar brooch- antique mall

Whoever organized the Vintage Bliss Market did a really fantastic job. I hope that they have it again next year!! If you're from the St Louis area, do join our meetup group, we'd love to see you!


  1. You must have spent a nice moment!!!! I have not gone to many flea markets this year and I miss it....
    I love this shower curtain, great finds!!!

  2. Oh that sounds absolutely fun! My city is having a vintage flea market today, and I might venture over (after I figure the public transit to get there)

  3. This looks like so much fun, and you scored some really great finds! Those raffia tumblers are really nifty, and Olivia looks darling in her dress. :) I do wish we had more events like this around these parts, but a lot of the flea markets around here are more amusing than actually good!


  4. Oh what fun...
    the kids look adorable in their face paint.. and I love Olivias dress.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. I've been gone for some time - have you change your hair color?
    It's amazing!


  6. That pink phone in the first photo is pretty much my dream vintage rotary phone. Love it to bits! What a fun event this looks like. It's so sweet that you found a vintage dress for your DD. She's all kinds of adorable in it!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Aw man!!! I never know about these things before they happen!!! I would drive to St. Louis for that!

  8. would you believe we had those *exact* same plastic glasses with the carrier, but never used them so we parted ways. :-( and they were so cute, too. i should have sent them to you instead. cute dress too, green is my all time fave color.

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