That phrase drives me crazy, "Being vintage". A person is not really "vintage", with the exception of grannies but you know what I mean, is your vintage lifestyle or fashion choice a major part of who you are?

This topic has been on my mind for the past several months. I was contacted by a student doing a questionnaire about the vintage culture. I thought it would be a bunch of stuff about why you love vintage, who is your style icon, blah blah blah....but no. It was about who I am as a person and how my love of vintage fits into that puzzle and these thought-provoking questions brought some very unexpected answers

One question was something like- Do you have any friends who aren't interested in vintage?

 That's a thought that never crossed my mind but the answer is! I don't think of myself as a vintage snob. I think that all people are unique and interesting and worth hanging out with but yeah, all of my friends are interested in vintage. It didn't happen on purpose.
 Before I started blogging I was a bored, lonely housewife with three cats. I had lost touch with all of my high school friends due to moving around a lot and the fact that I stopped wanting to make friends in high school. I had outgrown a lot of my long-time friends. They were 17, getting their first cars and on the verge of drinking age. They wanted to party and go to raves and clubs and I wasn't like that at all.

 I moved out, dated a little, met Pj and we got married. My co-workers were much much older than I and we didn't have muchin common. By the time I quit my job and became a housewife, I really didn't have any girlfriends or anything. I started my blog to connect to like-minded people and after these several years of blogging, all of the local and world wide friends that I have, I met through my vintage blog.

All of the girlfriends that I talk to every day and text while I'm hanging out at home are vintage bloggers and readers.
 I recently made my first "non-vintage" friend! She's a stay at home mom with kids the same age as mine. Of course, I met her through one of my local vintage friends. We talked about non-vintage things like taking the kids to the park and planning barbeques this summer. It was oddly comfortable and refreshing.

Another question was something about "If you didn't blog about vintage, what would you do?"

Well, that's a scary thought.  If I stopped blogging about vintage and wearing vintage tomorrow, what the hell would I do with myself? No more sewing vintage clothes or pin curling my hair or thrift store hunts.

I started this blog because I'm passionate about fashion history. I have loved the topic all my life. I go to museums and desperately want to touch and turn things inside out to see how they were constructed. I need to have sewing in my life too. I went a few months without a sewing machine and was horribly depressed. I need to have a little time to myself each day to be creative and to put myself together. When I don't create and when I let myself live in pajamas, I'm not happy.

So if I stopped wearing and blogging vintage, what would I do? I really don't know. I would have a lot more time for my other loves like cooking, gardening, doing craft projects with the kids. I would probably go back to school or find some other wonderful thing to do

I didn't plan for this but yes, I guess that being a vintage blogger is a huge part not only what I do but who I am at heart.  I still do a lot of non-vintage related things but this is my passion, my fuel for my creativity, my means of supporting my family, my connection to my best friends- I dream about vintage (quite literally), I think about it throughout the day, I live in a vintage home and listen to old music while I clean it.  I love old things and old stories and I truly love doing this.

What about you? Is being vintage a major part of who you are?