maddy james vintage inspired lounge wear
Its so important to remember to take time out of your days for yourself. To unplug and unwind. This is the time to pamper yourself and to feel good, inside and out. Now, vintage lovers can relax in luxury with Maddy James vintage inspired lounge wear.

Gina Kimmel realized that it's difficult to feel refreshed while lounging around in sweat pants and tee shirts so she designed the Maddy James collection with comfort and glamor in mind. This line reflects the days of classic Hollywood with gowns and robes worthy of the silver screen. Maddy James is feminine, luxurious and made with modern fabrics that are strong enough to wash and wear with confidence. See the video to learn more about Maddy James Lounge Wear

Practical Fabrics for the Modern Woman
Gina searched all over the globe for the perfect fabric for these pieces. She wanted something with the drape and feel of an authentic garment but it had to be practical for the modern woman. Finally, she found a soft but durable cotton and beautiful rayon silk from Belgium.

vintage inspired katherine jumpsuit retro style lounge wear from Maddy James
pictured above: Katherine Jumpsuit from Maddy James

Gina says, "I wanted my first collection to be fashionable and glamorous and make every a women who slept in feel special. Yet, it had to be practical enough to wear every night. All of the fabrics I’ve chosen are luscious and cozy, but most important everything can be cleaned in a washing machine."

maddy james vintage inspired lounge wear
Chantal night gown                                            Allison night gown and robe

maddy james vintage inspired lounge wear
Emily Kate Tap Pants and Silk Screened Tank           Katherine Jumpsuit

maddy james vintage inspired lounge wear
Margo Nightgown and Bed Jacket                             Aubrey Pajama Set

Quality Pieces Made in the U.S.
Maddy James is committed to supporting homefront economy so the entire collection is made in Chicago.

Size ranges are Small (2-4), Medium (6-8), Large (10-12) and X-Large (14-16).

Gina says, "All of the pieces except for the Chantal nightgown have some elastic involved in the back, so there is a little wiggle room."

Help Launch Maddy James Vintage Inspired Loungewear

Throughout the month of April, fans of Maddy James are pledging funds needed to launch this vintage clothing line. I've never pledged on Kickstarter before today so here's how it works:

Pledge funds in any amount to Maddy James via Kickstarter using Amazon payments. On May 7th, if the project reaches its funding goal, your payment will be processed on that day,  the line will be launched and these designs will be made available for sale. If the goal is not reached, no payments will be processed

 Those who pledge will receive a thank you gift. When you pledge $55 and up, you will be among the first to receive garments from the Maddy James collection.

$5+   A hand written thank you note from Gina
$25+  Maddy James tee shirt in your size
$45+  Maddy James tomato art print numbered and signed by artist, Katie Kimmel
$55+  Emily Kate Tap Pants and silk screened knit tank top, packaged in an embroidered lingerie bag
$70+  Aubrey Pajama Set, packaged in an embroidered lingerie bag
$95+  Chantal nightgown in silk rayon, packaged in an embroidered lingerie bag
$105+ Katherine Jumpsuit in silk rayon, packaged in an embroidered lingerie bag

For the VIP packages for pledges of $500+, visit the Maddy James Kickstarter page

Disclosure: Maddy James is a sponsor of Va-Voom Vintage. For more on my sponsors, please view my disclosure page