Today is Rhys's 3rd birthday! Pj was off work today so we took the kids to the St Louis Science Center for a day of play.

 The Planetarium is full of retro space-age memorabilia, kitsch and artifacts. Its funny seeing things that you own in a museum setting! I have those dishes and a very similar brooch!

 Olivia is terrified of tornadoes and any kind of bad weather so it was fun for her to get to be up close to a tiny tornado and learn how it works. There's slots in the side so kids can reach in and feel the air swirl around.

After playing at the Science Center, we had a picnic in Forest Park under a beautiful tree by a lake.

Rhys picked a flower for me and hoarded the muffins

Olivia played in the dirt

I made silly faces

As we were packing up, these three funny ducks came over to snag a few bites.

vintage bowling shirt- thirfted
lucite B brooch- ebay (see my tutorial to make your own)
capri pants- Family Dollar
black flats- Walmart