Afternoon at the Science Center


Today is Rhys's 3rd birthday! Pj was off work today so we took the kids to the St Louis Science Center for a day of play.

 The Planetarium is full of retro space-age memorabilia, kitsch and artifacts. Its funny seeing things that you own in a museum setting! I have those dishes and a very similar brooch!

 Olivia is terrified of tornadoes and any kind of bad weather so it was fun for her to get to be up close to a tiny tornado and learn how it works. There's slots in the side so kids can reach in and feel the air swirl around.

After playing at the Science Center, we had a picnic in Forest Park under a beautiful tree by a lake.

Rhys picked a flower for me and hoarded the muffins

Olivia played in the dirt

I made silly faces

As we were packing up, these three funny ducks came over to snag a few bites.

vintage bowling shirt- thirfted
lucite B brooch- ebay (see my tutorial to make your own)
capri pants- Family Dollar
black flats- Walmart


  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! Outfit is awesome as always. :) Might I also add that I really respect and admire you for being a vintage mother? I was watching a documentary on people living like they are in the 50s and one couple said that if they ever got pregnant they would abort the baby for fear that it might ruin their perfect vintage life! How sad is that? :( They need to take lessons from you because you maintain a lovely vintage life while raising two young kids without forcing everyone else to be vintage too.
    Great new blog design, how exciting! The watercolors are fantastic, my favorite one would have to be the little pink phone. :)

    1. Thank you! Vintage is certainly not for everyone. My husband isn't into dressing vintage at all and I wouldn't want him to because it's not his style. I do have a few vintage clothes things for the kids that I found here and there but kids grow so fast, I can't imagine the expense and wear and tear of dressing a little one in vintage all the time! I do have some really cute kids sewing patterns from the 40s that I'd like to try but they save their vintage for special occasions. I love having a vintage home with little ones. The formica tables are so sturdy, they can withstand all of the kool aid spills and beatings without getting a scratch! Things were built to last back then! I think if I had a modern home, I'd be replacing things left and right but our vintage furniture and such is standing strong!

    2. Yes, very true. And your children will be able to grow up and wear whatever suits them, even if it's blue hair (I would kill for a picture of you in highschool,still, when you redid it it looked awesome). Going all out vintage is wonderful and nostalgic, but something or someone that isn't vintage shouldn't ruin your surroundings, only enhance it. :) And high-fives for vintage furniture!

  2. I love all of your blog posts and I love your style but I just had to comment because I can't believe you got those capris at Family Dollar! That is crazy awesome!

    1. I know, right?! I LOVE family dollar! I popped in one day a few weeks ago, looking for kids shoes (they have great, cheap kids shoes) and I saw these stretchy jeans-like capris for $8! I also picked up a pair of plain black ones. I really need to buy more before the season is over!

  3. Wow, it's so "Jetsons"! (I hope I'm not dating myself...) You're wearing the perfect outfit.

  4. So nice to see such a fun day out for you. A picnic near a lake with your family, great moments:)

  5. Family beautiful :)


  6. this looks like so much fun! I love retro science stuff.

  7. I love your bowling style outfit, and I am loving your B brooch....I'm always super jealous of it every time you wear it. xx Shauna

  8. Awww, huge and very happy birthday wishes to your darling little man. It's hard to believe he's three already. Goodness, how time flies! You all look so cute and happy here. I hope that Ryhs' third year is just as great every day!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. You look adorable, and your museum trip sounds like fun. It must be rather surreal to see items like the ones you have at home in a museum!


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