Good morning! I feel like it's been a while since I've been here. Our weather in St Louis has been so beautiful lately that I have used every waking hour to get out of the house or prepare my home for the coming spring. As I've posted on Instagram, the kids and I did some running around this week, picking up some colorful new kitchen gadgets and I've been wearing big hair and cotton dresses. My new swimsuit from Walmart came in the mail yesterday and I'm all excited to set up our little back yard pool and take the kids to play in the river in a few months.

anchor print plus size pin up 1950s style skirted swim suit from

Spring is always a time of great change for me. As I have previously blogged about, seasonal depression has me down from November to February so by the time March arrives, my notebook is bursting with ideas and to-dos. One to-do that has been on my list for a while is to mix it up a bit with my sponsored blog posts. In my new monthly "Shop Talk" post, starting tomorrow, we will check out my wonderful blog sponsors, talk about what's going on elsewhere and get some style inspiration for next month. I may add some slideshows, videos or mini e-zines throughout because I love visual pretties.

Also, for those of you who have subscribed to my monthly newsletter, I skipped both Jan and Feb newsletters because life was so crazy around here but they will resume again in March so keep an eye on your inbox for that! I have some very pretty spring hat patterns to share with you.

The blog will be getting a pretty new design in the next month as well and I'll be organizing and labeling everything a little better. Blogs need spring cleaning too, right?

All of your feedback on the upcoming changes (or changes that you'd like to see) are always  appreciated!! Anyway, here's some recent snaps from Instagram and we'll be back tomorrow with our first Shop Talk

colorful spring kitchen gadgets and 1940s paper doll
beehive hair historic st charles missouri and 1940s pendletn 49er with vintage gaytees boots