8 Vintage Style Boots for Spring- Under $50


cheap vintage 1940s 1950s winter snow and spring boots under $50

I've been wearing my vintage snow boots all winter and now that spring is almost here, I'm excited to get into my wedges and pumps again. Although I'm an open-toe shoe kind of girl, there are still some occasions that call for a fab pair (or two...or three) of vintage style boots.

 I am so excited to start my garden again, play in the rain with my little puddle ducks, go camping and romping through the meadow at my mom's house in the country.

Here's a collection of vintage inspired kicks for your muddy play days. Wear them with your overalls or pair them with a vintage dress for morning trips to the farmer's market and afternoon picnics by the river. When looking at all of these vintage boot ads, I was surprised at how some of these styles have only changed slightly through the decades! The original ads range from the 1930s to 1960s. The modern counterparts are all under $50- available from Tidestore

1960s womens boots under $50

This ankle boot features a stacked heel, side zip and straps around the throat line. The original 1960s boot from Sears had a buckle accent. Also available in black and beige

cheap 1940s style womens boots

This darling ankle boot has a low heel with a lightly curved silhouette. The original 1930s boot buttons at the side and was made in black or brown rubber. The modern boot laces up and is made of man-made PU. Also in brown and really killer red

 1929 womens vintage boots under $50

 A very modern looking boot that has continued in popularity is the ankle-height stacked heel with fold-over top. This original boot is from Firestone Footwear 1929 and like many shoes of the time, buttoned up the side.The modern boot laces up.

vintage style boots for spring under $50

A staple shoe for many vintage girls is the oxford heel. This great shoe suits many eras and doesn't look out of place with modern fashions either. I love a durable, low-heeled oxford like this. Replace the utilitarian laces with ribbon to dress them up.  

cheap 1940s womens knee high gaytees boots under $50

 Who would have thought that knee-high boots were a thing for ladies in the 40s but here's our proof from Gaytees. The modern boot, in the same versatile brown has a low practical heel, buckle accents and zips up the side. See them in chocolate brown and black

cheap vintage war era 1940s womens lace up knee high boots under $50
Just when I thought that the knee-high 40s boot thing couldn't be more awesome, I spotted these 1940s knee high lace up boots from Sears. I love the black boot with brown laces. I will be re-creating this whole look at some point very soon! See the modern match-up here

cheap vintage war era 1940s womens  knee high boots under $50

 A basic cowgirl boot has been in fashion for ages. Women wore them on the ranch, to the market, in the garden and they soon became a part of daily fashion. This modern boot has a pretty scalloped cut-out edge with a stacked heel.  See them in light brown and black

1940s gaytees style fur trimmed womens winter snow boots under $50

Although winter is ending, most vintage loving ladies are always on the hunt for the perfect fur-trimmed boot for snowy days. I often wear mine in the early spring and fall too. Here's a very affordable high-heeled boot trimmed in faux fur. Although the shape and heel style isn't exactly like the original Gaytees, it's pretty darn close and a great buy at $36.99

For more vintage shoe inspiration, see my pinboard, "Window to the Sole"

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so tickled to see those knee-high 1940s boots! And here I was thinking about donating my knee-high boots because they might not be authentic-looking. Thank you for saving my losing two lovely pair of knee-high boots that are going to come quite in handy as winter shall not be over with here for three or so months yet.

    Those fur-lined ones are darling...I do wish they had a lower heel (me, of all people, saying that...). A four-inch heel is not too useful on ice. Darn! Still darling, though. Great finds, you did such a good job of matching up the vintage ones to modern counterparts.

    1. I know! I feel the same wat about the heel. All of my snow boots are flats! They'd be awesome in the fall though

  2. Wonderful selection! Seeing this stylish roundup reminds me of the fact that I haven't had a pair of true rain boots (as opposed to snow boots) since I was a little girl. I'd love to change that this spring.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wow, look at those Gaytees knee highs, how interesting! Spring and fall are two seasons I just can't figure out WHAT to do footwear-wise. I have a couple of suede vintage closed-toe shoes but they're never really weather-appropriate in the mucky Midwest. I want in my sandals already! lol

  4. Great idea's for vintage boots! When I go out I mostly wear my non-vintage cowgirl boots. They're great in the snow, yet so me and go great with vintage dresses. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Aren't you the cats meow. Loving the black ankle boot. Girl, you are seriously going to MAKE me get a job.

    Good to read ya, Brit.



    P.S. I'm back on the "Do I switch to or go to kick. Self-hosting isn't working for this unemployed gal; gotta make a switch.


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