The day I rocked stirrup pants


I was driving to downtown St Louis the other day, in the snow and started day dreaming about wintery outfits involving pants. I checked my closet and realized that my pants inventory is dangerously low so I popped into 2 thrift stores and found some high waist pants. Along them is a pair of stirrup pants.

red lace-up oxford boots and vintage plaid cigarette pants

I'm a child of the 90s so my mom bought me several pairs of these terrible things in all colors. I'm pretty sure that I had some red ones with a Christmas print turtle neck.  I found this pair and didn't realize what they were till we were in the dressing room and I thought, "Oh, let's just try them on." So I did. I liked them and I bought them.

blue red and carved vintage bakelite bangle bracelets

I stacked some blue, brown and red bakelite to match my jacket

When I shop alone, bad things happen. I don't have a girlfriend or my husband to say "Oh hell no!" so I make poor choices. However, it's always good to try new things and sometimes they turn out to be not so bad. This could be another classic bad fashion choice of mine but I've worn them in public a few times and no one has thrown rocks at me yet.

Luxulite acorn novelty brooch

You can either chop off the elastic or pin it up under the cuff and no one knows you're in a 1993 time warp under there.

Also, check out my new favorite jacket that I thrifted! It's a modern jacket from Land's End or something like that. I'm pretty sure Dorothy from The Golden Girls would have worn something like this but whatever, I love it!

va voom vintage vintage autumn outfit with plaid jacket, bakelite bracelets, mustard handbag and red leather boots

Vintage tie blouse- thrifted
plaid stirrup pants- thrifted, St Vincent de Paul
Red boots- thrifted, Savers
Plaid jacket- thrifted, St Vincent de Paul
mustard purse- Target 3 years ago
Acorn brooch- Luxulite

Today's blog pictures by my little girl, Olivia- Such a wonderful helper!


  1. cute... You proved it pays to try new things.

  2. Fabulously fun ensemble! I really like the pattern mixing that you're rocking here - and I'll be chuckling all day now over the my own memories of 1990s stirrup pants (*shudders*).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Lovely! I've been on a lookout for a vintage pair for the cooler months, my thighs are usually the problem. Looking to change that this year ;)

  4. Darling! I hit up the Salvation Army at least twice a month (always on Saturdays, when clothing is $.69.) to find clothing. Recently I've been searching for pants as well. Living in West Michigan, skirts aren't always the most practical for me during the winter months. Love the blog, thanks for being an inspiration!

  5. the pants are very flattering! happy new year! xxx

  6. I love your jacket. I need more plaid in my life.

  7. They don't look weird at all. The stirrup pants actually look kind of sporty instead of a flashback of the 90's. You did very well in coordinating it too, the jacket looks great! I also really love those red shoes. Give my complements to your sweet daughter, she took the pictures wonderfully.


    Lady Lavender's Expressions

  8. Haha! I am a bit young for that but I do remember Christmas print turtlenecks with matching legging sets as hand-me-downs from my older sissy from the late 90s. :P Those look like fifties trousers because of it's nice neutral color. No need to worry. :)

  9. Don't tell anyone...but I often look to the Golden Girls for fashion inspiration! You look fab xxx

  10. These trousers are so lovely! Great look :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  11. Love it!! My favorite thing to do is buy some "mom" jeans from target, pair them with a couple vintage pieces.. and voila! No one is ever the wiser! ;) haha!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  12. Love the pants, and am obsessed with your red Justin Boots, I have a brown and black pair! you're going to have to tell me your favorite thrift shop in/around St. Louis. I go out to school in St. Charles, but live near south city, so I'm everywhere around town. :)
    xo jess


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