Can I get a do-over for January, please? The new year came with great intentions. My last day of work was the 12th and then I thought I'd spend a week organizing the house before getting down to business...and then we all got sick. It was one of those cold/flu things that hits you like a truck and you're useless for over a week. There was a lot of time spent in the tub

I bought a shiny new laptop and new printer/scanner thing that I'm very excited about. My laptop has been keeping me cozy in bed these past few days with American Horror Story and True Blood but today I'm happy to be blogging with it. I'm hoping to carve out some time to download all of my fonts and put all of my photos and blog stuff from my dying desktop on it.

In other news, Dollie from The Rockabilly Socialite started her 12 week VLV Fitness Challenge. For those going to Viva or just wanting to reach a spring time health goal, follow along with her. I bought a massive amount of vegetables the other day, hoping to get back to doing daily yoga and pilates too, once this throat thing is gone.

Also, check out the adorable and easy tutorial from Technicolor Cutie on how to make novelty plastic fruit brooches. I'm going to run to the dollar store and craft store this weekend to see if I can find some cute fruits