vintage winter fairisle sweater and 1960s feather pom pom hat plus size 1950s

On Saturday we woke up to a nice thick blanket of snow. Although 5 or 6 inches is nothing to some, in St Louis the road crews are never prepared to handle it so I got to stay home with the kids and play outside.  
I  wore one of my silliest hats with a big goofy pom pom of feathers on one side, which was thrifted a few years ago. When it comes to hats, the sillier, the better.

Olivia watches me pose for my outfit photos so now every photo is a little pose and big cheesy grin for her.

In the winter, I still wear a lot of skirts. Wool skirts with thick socks or tights and boots keep me just as toasty as pants. This is one of my favorite wool skirts because it has the prettiest and most unexpected peachy lining.

1950s winter wardrobe fairisle sweater, wool skirt, snowland boots

So- the boots...I really wanted some vintage Gaytees with the lovely fur. I couldn't find any in my size (9-10) at the time so I hunted around and found these 70s boots by Snowland on ebay. I see them on ebay all the time, in larger sizes but if you poke around in the warmer months, you could really snag a good deal. I think I got these for less than $20. They're wonderfully warm and since they aren't as old, you have a good chance of finding them in really good, wearable shape. They have a bit of a heel but they're very easy to walk in when its icy out.  I think I'll try to hunt down a black pair for next winter.

vintage snowland winter boots

After our snow play, the kids enjoyed a nice warm bath and hot cocoa and I enjoyed a nice glass of moscato and two napping babes.

40s style blouse-thrifted
vintage sweater-thrifted
60s wool circle skirt- antique mall
over-the-knee socks- Target
60s Snowland boots- ebay