When people ask me where to begin with wearing vintage, I always tell them to research everything! Read, watch movies, look at magazines and blogs. Just devour as much information on the topic as you can. From there, you can see what they really wore back then and how you can develop your own personal style with inspirations from that era.

 One of the internet's best sources for vintage fashion research all in one place is Vintage Dancer. This blog, written by a fellow vintage loving mom, really breaks it all down for newbies and long-time vintage enthusiasts.

Vintage Dancer covers topics from pre-1900s to the 1960s
Here's a lovely round-up of some of the newest must-reads from Vintage Dancer 
 1.  What Did Women Wear in the 1940's  a great beginner's guide to get you started in building a 1940s wardrobe or outfit
the look isn't complete without the shoes. This 1940s shoe guide covers styles popular back then so you know what to look for when you shop for shoes. 
3. The Shirtwaist Dress: The Ultimate 1940s Day Dress for a look that's classic, comfortable and practical, read this article and shopping guide for my favorite wardrobe staple

 1. 1950s shoes guide  For the 50s girl- some classic shoe styles from the post-war era

 2. 1950s dress styles  Here, read about dress styles of the 1950s to help in your vintage shopping and searches. This article discusses dress styles, colors, fabrics and where to shop for modern 1950s style dresses
3. 1950s skirt history one of the main highlights of 1950s fashion was the voluminous skirt. After the war, women had more money for fabric in home sewing and fabric use restrictions were lifted. Learn about all of the popular skirt styles of the 1950s.

4.1950s petticoat history once you find the perfect 1950s skirt, you may need a petticoat to get the 1950s silhouette. This article covers petticoats, hoops and memories from women that wore petticoats in the 50s.

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