Today I'd like to share some classic vintage recipes from the kitchens of some our favorite old Hollywood celebrities. From Marilyn Monroe's Thanksgiving stuffing to Judy Garland's solution to Thanksgiving left-overs, cook up an unforgettable autumn feast this year!

 Marilyn Monroe's Thanksgiving Stuffing
Surprisingly complex in flavor and preparation, this is a good one to test in advance! Check out the New York Times article on the history of this recipe and fascinating evidence that suggests Marilyn may have been quite talented in the kitchen

Mamie Eisenhower's pumpkin chiffon pie
The beloved First Lady shares a simple and delightful pie recipe from her White House kitchen. This much-adored and lighter twist on the classic is recommended to be served with a gingersnap or shortbread crust.

Lucy Ball's Persimmon cake
If you're in the mood for something unique for the dessert table this holiday season, take a tip from Lucy and whip up her beautiful wintery Persimmon cake. This one makes a gorgeous Christmas dessert as well. 

Myrna Loy's Broiled Green Onion and Cheddar Cheese Puffs
Forget the boring ol' dinner rolls and pass on store bought biscuits for Christmas morning. Here's a beautiful bready recipe from the equally beautiful Myrna Loy. This one is destined to be a year-long favorite in my house!

Judy Garland's shepherd's pie for left-overs
It's not easy being a holiday hostess, as Judy Garland new, I'm sure. When the cooking, feasting and merriment is over, what's a girl to do with all of those left-overs? Throw together a quick and delicious shepherd's pie. Substitute the chicken in the recipe for left-over Thanksgiving turkey.