We're back with more bullet bra sewing today.

Bullet Bra Sew-Along day 1  Download the pattern and get sizing info
Bullet Bra Sew-Along day 2  Cut and assemble the cups, learn about circle stitching
Bullet Bra Sew-Along day 3  Attach the front and size bands and make sizing adjustments in the band
Bullet Bra Sew-Along day 4  Finishing the bra and attaching straps and closures

Today, we'll finish the edges, attach the straps and do some optional lingerie elastic.

Let's talk about lingerie elastic real quick. The first bra I made, I did without the elastic and it was a great, comfy bra. This time around, I wondered if I might get a better fit with some elastic so I tried it and it really added to the comfort for me. Again, totally optional. The elastic is the last step so you can try without first and if you want to give it a go, the instructions are here. If you chose to not use lingerie elastic, you may want to finish the bra with some bias tape

Anyway, let's do this!

By now, the unfinished edge will be along the top of your bra. Turn this edge under  just 1/2 inch, press and sew.

When you reach the strap attachment area, fold these into a point, fold over and stitch

Let's Talk About Vintage Bra Straps Real Quick.

Most of my vintage bras have these irritating little things in either plastic or metal, which are attached to the strap with a twill tape or bias tape loop and you're supposed to adjust the length of your bra strap. The metal ones are fine. The plastic ones totally suck because they break when you're out and about and your bra strap is flying loose, boob falling out and there's nothing you can do about it. So, if you choose to use the "vintage method" of strap attachment, shoot for metal ones or nylon coated metal, if you can find them.

 Our bullet bra pattern strap attachment is not at all vintage because those things drive me crazy. Another problem with the vintage strap slide is that if you have heavy breasts, the weight of your breasts, causes the strap to fly out of the slider and your boob falls out of your bra and you run to the ladies room with one boob bouncing free inside your blouse and strap hanging all over the place. Not so good. I stitched all of my vintage straps down after the 90th time of those shenanigans. Anyway, on to attaching your straps....

Pin your strap into place at both strap attachment points. On the front, sew a little triangle so the strap is very sturdy. You can hand sew little ribbon bows here if you like or, like I did, curve your lingerie elastic around this area, continuing through the upper cup

Attach strap to side band. Sine we're all different shapes, you may need to adjust the attachment point for your bra strap at the side band.

Ladies, if your breasts are very heavy and straps tend to dig into your shoulders, try a wider strap. You can order wide bra straps here or make or purchase some shoulder cushions. Many of my vintage bras have shoulder cushions and they really do make a difference if you have heavy breasts.

Pin your lingerie elastic to the inside of the bra, along the outer edge and sew. I sewed elastic along the top and bottom of the bra. Not a necessity at all but I like it! I did a wonky job of it very late at night but you get the idea...

Vintage Bra Closures
All of my vintage bras and all that I've found for my etsy shop have a modern looking hook and eye closure but some vintage bras had a really beautiful closure with a G-hook, which I love. Anna from Mrs Depew Vintage has some gorgeous repro closures like this in her shop.

I hope that you ladies enjoyed the pattern and sew-along. I don't think a project has ever made me drop as many F-bombs as this one did but it was worth it! For the cost of one modern bullet bra, you can sew over a dozen of your own and you'll know that it's the right size, color and materials. I will be updating these patterns with more sizes as I get new models to test them on. For updates on sizes and other blog happenings, sign up for my monthly newsletter. 

If you need bullet bra pads to fill in the pointy cups, you can purchase them from What Katie Did or sew your own using this YouTube tutorial

I'd love to see your finished bras and bullet bra inspiration so join the group Pinterest board "Va-Voom Bullet Bras"

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