With the Bullet Bra Sew-Along this week, I thought it would be fun to check out some pre-made pointy bras for a girl on a budget.  Not all of us wear vintage underwear and with the wear and tear that bras take, it's a good idea to  have a modern back-up for daily wear. Here are some of my favorite cheap vintage style bras, some more bullet-bra like than others but all provide a general vintage silhouette. The exquisite form bras are my absolute favorite- perfect for ladies with a very full cup size.

This time, let's indulge in a splurge of the week. This is the "Her Sexcellency Overwire Bra" from Dita's limited edition Von Follies line. Unfortunately, it's not available in larger sizes but it sure is pretty to look at and fun to get some inspiration for our sew-along!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of our Sew-Along!