Perfectly Flawed


1940s plus size studded jacket with oversized collar, straw hat

I found this beautiful vintage jacket in a pile of rags in a warehouse. It had missing buttons, discoloring on the collar and was a general hot mess but isn't it great?   I brought it home and gave it some love and new buttons. I really love the pointed cuffs on the sleeves. I'm not sure if the studs were originally this brassy color or if they had once been white or silver. It still has some discoloring on the collar that I couldn't remove but I love it anyway.

lace and studs on 30s-40s vintage jacket collar

lace and studs on 30s-40s vintage jacket sleeves

 Do you ever bring home damaged goods to fix up?

vintage straw beret- antique mall
vintage jacket-warehouse sale
navy skirt- thrifted
vintage loafers-thrifted


  1. A few weeks ago I bought a vintage winter sweater that had really bad black stains. It was $2.50 so figured "what the heck? I'll buy some OxyClean and see if it cleans up." I'm glad I did. OxyClean cleaned it right up. Now I know that some items can be worth the imperfections.

  2. That is a great jacket and you look gorgeous in it!

  3. A very lovely suit. You did a great job cleaning it up!

  4. It is an amazing jacket - I want to give you a hug for spotting it and giving it a good fix and a lovely home! LOVE IT!

    I don't often buy damaged stuff - I don't trust myself removing stains/fixing flaws but this kind of upcycling I might be able to do!

  5. Beautiful jacket and whole ensemble, you really did a great job on rescuing it. This whole look exudes timeless sophistication.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. That jacket is adorable! I love rescuing things! I have a pink rayon dress that took me two days, but I got ALL the stains out! It was really rewarding.

  7. Oh wow, the jacket is so nice! I think it got came to the right home :)

  8. I never would have guessed you'd found that jacket in a rag-pile! Thank goodness you came along and saw it's potential, it's gorgeous!

  9. you look great in this jacket, you made it yours... and I often bring home damaged goods and fix them up. mostly vintage jewellery... XXX

  10. I bring home damaged goods and usually, my lovely granny fixes it up :D

  11. Well worth the time fixing it up - it's lovely!

  12. I love the flaws it gives it character and the jacket details are exquisite. Lovely find.

  13. So pretty... and looks fantastic on you..

  14. Way too often, and since I don't give up easily, it often takes too much of my time. But then it is just so much greater when it is a success. :)

  15. Love this outfit! It never really crossed my mind to up cycle damaged vintage clothing.

  16. I bought an 80s does vintage jacket off TradeMe (New Zealand's answer to eBay) from a lovely woman. It has ultra wide white lapels like your jacket, but with embroidery on one side only, a double breasted closure, and it appeared to be black cotton with largeish white polka dots. And it was a steal at $15 plus $6 postage! I knew it would be a little small on me, but it was too beautiful to pass up on. The night before the woman posted it she emailed me in much distress. She'd found a tiny mark about 2 inches up from the cuff, and she wanted to send it in perfect condition for me so tried some gentle stain remover on it, and the area it was on faded quite badly. She ended up sending it to me anyway, and refunded all my money, and I still love it, because other than that one stain, it's down-right beautiful. I think I'm going to make some tack on white cuffs for it to cover the mark, nothing permanent though as I don't want to edit it too much!

  17. Totally! Damaged stuff is sometimes the only thing I can afford :).

    Have you tried peroxide on the white collar/lace?
    I've used 6% (the hairdressing stuff), and dabbed it onto the stain with a cotton bud for precision.
    It's much gentler than bleach, more precise than oxy and you can watch it lift the stain gradually. I've even used it on vintage silk/rayon and it works a treat!


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