1 hot roller set 3 easy 1920s hair styles from Va-Voom Vintage

I've been talking a lot about pin curls lately both on the blog and facebook but when you're too busy for pin curls or if they just aren't a good option for you, try hot rollers! I'm a big fan of multi sized roller sets from Conair.

These sets are for late 1960s Lilt home permanents but I think these would be great to try with hot rollers, don't you?  If I'm running late, I'll roll my hair up, drive to my destination and remove the cooled rollers when I get there and stash them in the glove box. Nothing gives instant glamor like rollers. Okay- maybe red lipstick. This setting pattern works for all 3 styles pictured.

easy 1920s style hot roller sets for gatsby flapper hairstyles

For an easy flapper hairstyle try a wild curly look much like Clara Bow's 1920s curls.

easy Clara Bow style hot roller set for gatsby flapper hairstyles

Clara Bow style curly 20s hot roller hair style

The next style works well for 20s-50s hair looks with fluffy side-parted curls. The setting pattern model has slightly shorter hair with bangs, which are curled under and side swept.

1920s-30s hair style easy hot roller set

 Easy vintage hair style for curly short bob

For a youthful look try "Gaytime" a 1930s inspired style with a sweet bow. 

easy 1920s-30s hair style

 quick and easy 1930s style hot roller hair style for flapper gatsby look

My hair has a hard time keeping a curl with any kind of heat set so I spritz it with a little setting lotion, blow dry completely, then roll. It seems to keep a curl much longer that way.

one easy hot roller set for 3 1920s hairstyles