End of Season Victory Garden


My victory garden is starting to wear out and the plants are ending production. Saturday was so beautiful that we opened all of the windows and went outside to do some work in the yard to clean up, trim and start pulling some plants out to prepare for the cold months.

The neighbors chickens came out to keep us company and fight over tomatoes that had popped through to their side of the fence. The baby chickens were hatched last month, I think. They're getting so big!

Our tomatoes are still going pretty strong! I picked a whole colander full along with some small bell peppers and what I believe will be the last of the cucumbers.

I wore a pinafore dress that I didn't get a chance to wear this summer, along with my favorite 1940s apron for wiping dirty hands.

After the lawn was cut and yard waste barrels were filled, I gave everything a good watering and the kids and I made a delicious mud pie. Rhys is in that anti-clothing stage right now, which is probably the best for mud pie making anyway.


  1. What kind of chickens do you have? We're getting some next year after many years of convincing the hubby. Do you have any brilliant advice on care or breeds you prefer?

    thanks, Hannah

    1. They're not mine, they're actually my neighbor's! My advice is, don't get a rooster if you live in the suburbs. This dude had one for MONTHS and the damn thing crowed at all hours. Also, we get a TON of flies around here because I don't think he cleans up all of the poo very well but other than that, they aren't bad. They're cute and they eat popcorn that my kids let go stale :P

    2. Hannah, I used to have chickens, loved them and wish I still had some. I would agree, don't get a rooster unless of course you are wanting to raise babies. We kept Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymoth Rocks, and Australorps. I always wanted some Buff Orpingtons but never got any. These are all very gentle and great egg layers.

  2. I love that last picture of you and the kids with your shoes off! Fun!


  3. I love your apron! I have a couple, not vintage, that I only wear when cooking - or baking actually. I need to wear them for other household chores as well!

  4. I love the butterfly dress. We're also getting the last bit of our garden. Tomatoes, peppers, and I'm about to dig up the sweet potatoes. One day, I hope to have chickens, for the eggs. You always look like you're having fun.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm. MUD PIE!!!! One of my favourite things to do as a child.

  6. Love the dress! Reminds me of pictures of my grandmother on the farm....

  7. good to see the kids "slaving away"...brings back memories from my childhood. If you ever feel like doing some guest blogging for us, we'd LOVE to have you on board :)

  8. Our garden is finishing as well. I canned the last of the tomatoes as salsa, and am already anticipating next year's garden. I have a pattern for a large Edwardian wrap around apron that I want to sew up for the garden next year. Our oldest son is 2 and in a nonclothing stage, too, lol. I must say you look a lot more glamorous than I do when I'm in the garden.


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