My victory garden is starting to wear out and the plants are ending production. Saturday was so beautiful that we opened all of the windows and went outside to do some work in the yard to clean up, trim and start pulling some plants out to prepare for the cold months.

The neighbors chickens came out to keep us company and fight over tomatoes that had popped through to their side of the fence. The baby chickens were hatched last month, I think. They're getting so big!

Our tomatoes are still going pretty strong! I picked a whole colander full along with some small bell peppers and what I believe will be the last of the cucumbers.

I wore a pinafore dress that I didn't get a chance to wear this summer, along with my favorite 1940s apron for wiping dirty hands.

After the lawn was cut and yard waste barrels were filled, I gave everything a good watering and the kids and I made a delicious mud pie. Rhys is in that anti-clothing stage right now, which is probably the best for mud pie making anyway.