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I am slightly obsessed with monograms on vintage items. Handbags, sweaters, jewelry- you name it. Even if it's not my monogram, I want to buy it and wear it and wonder what was the name of the person bearing those initials.

 I have a few monogram pieces of my own, which are some of my most treasured things. My great grandma's gold monogram brooch, a gift from my great grandpa. Her name was Alma Florence Leaver.
Two lucite "B" brooches. I love these because they are clear, I can wear them with anything. Since they are my absolute favorite brooch, I bought two in case tragedy struck one of them, I'd have a back up.

I have been in search of something vintage with my monogram on it for years. Wouldn't that be amazing- a lady who lived during the 40s or 50s with my exact initials and I happened to find her jewelry? I've rummaged through antique malls and online but so far, no luck so I was very excited to hear from Onecklace, specializing in name and initial necklaces.

I chose a small circle monogram necklace in silver with a dainty, short chain. It arrived in a beautiful and sturdy little gift box and is just as timelessly elegant as it can be! They had different sizes available but I love the small circle- a bit larger than a quarter and it's something I can wear with anything. For 1930s lovers out there, they also have some beautiful jewelry with bold deco style lettering.

 40's style blouse-thrifted, Goodwill
vintage wool skirt- The BaleOut (closed)
shoes- Miss Albright via ebay
vintage wicker and lucite handbag- antique mall
necklace c/o

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  1. I love monograms too! I have shower curtains that have ours on it heheh We got it when we got married. I just recently got an purse with a large white L on it-whoot! That necklace is so pretty, pretty. Pieces like that are classic and can be wore with anything or all day long xox

  2. How wonderfully lovely! I've always wanted a lucite "J" brooch, too, but have yet to come across one. It's so cool that you bought a backup "S" just in case - that's something I could totally see myself doing as well.

    I love your classic skirt and blouse combo here, sweet gal, it compliments the timeless elegance of your new monogram necklace so well.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. While playing "dress-up" one year with my grandma's old jewelry, I noticed several monogrammed pieces-- they all had the letter B which confused me, her name being Ayriel. When asked about it she told me the B was for "Bunny", "because everyone called me that." ;) It's one of my favorite memories and spawned my own love of monogrammed jewelry and the history behind each piece.
    Gorgeous necklace!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. Lovely necklace! I'm the proud owner of a 1940s cigarette case with the original monogram being the same as my name, LMC. It's one of my favorite vintage pieces!

  5. I love this! But I gotta ask, how did you get your hair in that gorgeous bun? I think my hair is about like yours, but when I try to do that, I have pieces sticking out all over the place. Not to mention the fact that it's messy and small.

  6. The Monogram Necklace trays are my absolute favorite! Great giveaway :) xo


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