Elizabeth Taylor's Teenage Bedroom 1949


This article is from The American Girl Januray 1949 featuring Elizabeth Taylor's bedroom when she was sixteen.


  1. Lovely article! I would so much like to have a dressingtable of my own :)

  2. Elizabeth Taylor at the age of 16 had a room many of us (much older!) dream about.
    I love the sentence "Wnatever you do, let the atmosphere of your room exoress you" - well put,young miss Taylor. :D
    I'm fascinated by her dressing table (well - by ANY and ALL dressing tables)

    Wonderfl post, dear Brittany!


  3. That is such a charmingly lovely, youthful (for the day) bedroom. I've 13 years older now than she was there, and would happily move in right now. Classic styles like this appeal to me to no end (and who doesn't love a headboard that matches your bedding?).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. She was one spoiled teenager! ;) I wish it was in colour, it would have been nice to see the colour scheme of the room. Wishing you a lovely weekend. :)


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