Today I have a very quick tutorial for how to sew a car seat buckle cover to protect baby's legs in the heat of summer. It's been so hot lately that you can literally bake cookies on the dashboard of a hot car with the doors closed. My kiddos both have black car seat buckles and yell like we all did as kids, "It's hot it's hot!!"

 Before we leave home, we usually let the car run for a few minutes to cool it off but when we get back in the car while on an outing, those buckles are as hot as a skillet again.  I went to the park with my sister the other day and sure enough, those buckles were burning. I said "Why oh Earth do they use black plastic to make these damn buckles? Someone should come up with a little cover or something!"  So, I did!

1. I traced the buckle on paper 

2. Cut out two pieces of flannel for each part of the buckle, plus 5/8 inch for seam allowance.
With right sides together, sew the pieces of flannel together leaving it open on the bottom for the strap and on the top for the buckles. I cut little notches to mark the open ends.

3. turn right side out and try it on for size, sliding the strap through to the bottom

4. finish the open ends with bias tape, whip stitch or blanket stitch.

Although this dress does a find job of keeping Lilo's legs covered, some of her shorts and other dresses don't, especially when she gets wiggly on long rides. She's very excited about  her new buckle cover!