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Vintage Dancer is a blog and shopping portal written and curated by Debbie Sessions. I first heard of Vintage Dancer when I reviewed her 1940s Style Guide ebook, now in print as well. I am such a fashion history nerd, I was in love with her ebook. She teaches the style of the decade by explaining the social and political reasons behind fashion changes of the time. She covers the details used in garment construction from fabrics to cut and embellishment, making it easy to learn about these styles and replicate them.
1940s style guide

 Check out my review here. Since I read the 1940s Style Guide, she has also written the 1940s Fashion Guide for Your Body Type, which I've been enjoying this afternoon.

Debbie Sessions of Vintage DancerDebbie started writing her ebooks and blog to help other vintage enthusiasts to find information and proper costuming sources for events and clothing for daily wear. Today, along with being a stay at home mom, Vintage Dancer is her full time job!
 Vintage Dancer is an aggregate site, curating all of the best vintage inspired clothing from major retailers and small businesses in one amazing shopping portal.  Debbie sources collections from the the Victorian era to the 1960s.

I have never seen an aggregate site quite like Debbie's before. It's such a blessing when you're looking for something specific for a special event or for building your vintage wardrobe for a certain era- everything you need in one place! She offers loads of research and information on fashion history in her blog posts and ebooks so you can apply what you learn from her articles to find the perfect era specific garment from her shopping pages.

With all of the 1920s revival going on this spring, she has been working on some really exciting Gatsby themed ebooks, articles and clothing collections.

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 Debbie sent me a copy of one of her newest ebooks, The Great Gatsby in Fashion. I read the Great Gatsby in high school and re-read it again a few months ago, before beginning work on the Gatsby Issue of Hey Doll. Since reading it without a test looming over me, I enjoyed it much more this time and it has become one of those books that I run around telling everyone that I know to sit down and read it. It's so beautifully descriptive of the time and tragically romantic- all the things I love in a book. So, if you haven't read it yet, sit down and read it!!

The Great Gatsby in Fashion is the full original novel by F Scott Fitzgerald with annotation by Debbie Sessions. It includes 33 additional pages of fashion history insights complete with original color illustrations and photographs throughout.

The Great Gatsby in Fashion

"Two years ago when I heard about all the upcoming movies, TV shows, and mini series set in the 1920′s, I started to dig into researching the twenties. Previously I researched the 1940′s, but this time the 1920′s started calling my name when I bought a house built in 1920. I thought that annotating the Great Gatsby was a good starting point to share some of what I learned about REAL not Hollywood 1920′s fashion. I hope through the book, readers will once again (or for the first time) enjoy the classic novel while learning something new. This is just one more way to share my passion for 20′s fashion."

The Great Gatsby in Fashion is available for a limited time for 99 cents. I'm curling up with my Nook and this book this afternoon. Stay tuned next week for my review!

the great gatsby in fashion sample page

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