Planting a Victory Garden


For Mother's Day, all I wanted to do was be with my kids and dig in the dirt. There's something so relaxing and wonderful about pulling weeds and getting grass stains on your knees.

We started the day with breakfast out, followed by a visit to a new hardware store. I picked up a cart full of flowers, herbs and vegetables that were all on sale and a few bags of mulch. I also bought a hummingbird feeder to hang outside the kitchen window to match my daily chore of washing dishes more enjoyable.

I taught Olivia that slugs are nice and taught Rhys how to drink out of the hose.

We planted a big flower bed in the front yard with herbs and veggies in the back.


My kids are such fruit and veg eaters, I will be thankful we did all of the work with all of the money we'll save this summer. Although I hadn't planned on watermelons, we put some in last minute since our lettuce seeds didn't take. I think I got impatient and planed them too soon! We live two blocks from the Missouri River, which has given this area the richest most wonderful soil.

And look what else happened for Mother's Day! This little mama built her nest on top of the light outside my kitchen door a few weeks ago. She was not happy about our gardening all day but that's life when you live outside my kitchen door.

This morning I went out to water and she was gone so I held my camera high above the nest and clicked and when I looked at the picture I found....

 a pile of fluffy hatchlings. I latched the door so she can be undisturbed and enjoy her 5 little Mother's Day gifts in peace.


  1. Oh this is so cute to have a nest so close to your house. I think I have a bee's nest close by one of my windows lol. I've had like four bees in my front room already! I hope it's a fluke:) Great for you gardening! I wish I had more of a knack for it.

  2. Oh my gosh the baby birds are so cute!I'm jealous of your garden.I want to plant but due to the deer I'd have to put up fencing first.

  3. Baby ROBINS!! CUTE!!! Looks like you have a sweet little garden in the making!

  4. Love your overalls with the buttons up the side! And the picture of the little one drinking from the hose is precious but I feel compelled to suggest a lead free drinking water hose. I know we all drank from the hose and grew up just fine, but with all the talk about lead in the pvc hoses I bought a drinking water safe hose to water my garden and fill up the kiddie pool. I figure better safe than sorry. Not trying to offend just sharing information. I have been reading your blog for several months and think it is one of the best I've seen. Thank you for sharing your love of vintage.

    1. Oh, Thank you for the idea, I have never even heard of such a thing! After planting our garden this weekend, I realized I have to buy a much longer hose to reach the back of the house, where the veggies are anyway so I might as well get a lead free one. Can you believe they only put one spigot in and its in the front?! The house was built in 1930 so I don't know what the pipes are like and if a lead free hose would help but like you said, better safe than sorry and it certainly doesn't hurt, right?! :)

    2. I love mine. I too, needed a really long hose to water a garden box at the back of the yard and that was my opportunity to buy one. Even if you do have lead pipes, I have read that most of the lead exposure from housing pipes comes from sitting water, so if you just let the water run for awhile before using, it helps.

  5. I was also in my garden this week-end but weather was so bad.... we also have some little birds!!!
    Mother's day will be in 2 weeks in France.

  6. Such splendidly lovely, evocative springtime images. The wee newborn birdies are squeal-inducingly cute, as are your darling garden helpers (love shot of Rhys drinking from the hose, I remember doing that all the time as a kid, too).

    Best of luck with your garden this season, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. AWWWWW... cutie little baby birds! You look like you had a picture perfect day yesterday!!! Plus the garden looks like its coming along nicely!

  8. Ohhh the baby birdies!!!! I miss it there! Your Victory Garden is going to be amazeballs!! Muah!

  9. This is just the best post..!

  10. What a great post! The picture of the baby birds is great. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!

  11. I love the picture of drinking out of the hose. I'm so jealous because we have the sandiest soil and almost nothing will grow - the grass will hardly grow. Be sure to post some pictures when the veggies are ready!


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