For Mother's Day, Pj ordered a copy of the new Wearing History trouser and overall pattern, which will arrive this afternoon or tomorrow. I desperately need to sew some pants for this fall and winter. I really wanted some more swing trousers and I needed the durability of jeans too so this pattern has everything a girl needs, all wrapped up in one!

wearing history homefront overalls and trouser pattern

 I wore my Heyday trousers constantly this winter and am really surprised at how well they are still holding up after all of the washing and wearing. They still look brand new! However, a girl really needs more than one pair of pants and since I'm such a funny shape, I decided to sew my own stock pile of jeans and trousers this summer so I'd have plenty of options when the weather gets colder. 

To go along with my trousers and jeans, I want to sew a fabulous 1940's jacket. I already have a couple of originals that I am madly in love with but most of them are lighter fabrics. After seeing Tasha's stunning Sew for Victory jacket, I decided to finally take on the project and sew my own jacket too!

1940s windbreaker/bomber jacket pattern

I ordered this pattern from lisaanne1960  this morning. Sewing wintery things in the summer is a great idea because fabric stores have all of those beautiful (and expensive) woolly fabrics on sale when it's 90 something degrees out.

Here are a few more gorgeous jacket patterns currently available on etsy

1930s hooded jacket pattern

1940s Windbreaker/Bomber Jacket Pattern

1940s Windbreaker/Bomber Jacket Pattern

Do you like to sew your own hard-to-find wardrobe staples? What projects are you working on this summer?