The Girl Who Begged for Jellies Shoes


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Famous Footwear and invited to attend the new store opening in Lake St Louis. The new store is right up the street from my Mom's house so Pj and the kids went to hang out with Grandpa while Mom and I went to check it out.

1960's dress and beehive hair at famous footwear opening

 We had so much fun, trying on all kinds of shoes, taking pictures and entering raffles for free shoes. They picked one winner to run through the store for 30 seconds and grab as many free pairs of shoes as she could. We all wanted to be that girl. The lucky winner was a mom of 6 and I don't know about you but I think a mom of 6 deserves free shoes for life!

 I've been to a few Famous Footwear locations and they always have so many cute, vintagey looking shoes. This spring, they have several styles of canvas flats, summery wedges, shoes embellished with eyelet lace and pastel colors.

colorful vintage style summer wedges at famous footwear

colorful cork wedges at famous footwear

vintage inspired eyelet lace cork wedge shoe at famous footwear

colorful boater shoes at famous footwear

Mom and I are both bargain shoppers so we peeked at the clearance racks too, which had some awesome prices- as low as $5 for fall/winter shoes.

1960s dress and 1950s cardigan

 The shoes that really captured my heart are these funky jelly flats from Crocs.

crocs jelly flats at famous footwear
Remember jellies when you were a kid? I'd beg my parents to buy me Jellies every summer because they were sparkly and to a first grader, could pass for glass slippers. I wore them for a whole 10 minutes before my feet started to blister. Oh so cute...Oh, the torture!

Well, I saw these and they come in hot pink and grey (and brown online) and since they are made by Crocs, they're made of awesome. Seriously, I slipped them on and told my mom "Put these on! It's like a Jell-O cloud!" They're not exactly vintage style but I don't care. Every girl has to have at least one great pair of flats in her wardrobe and if they're manufactured in heaven and infused with magical properties of eternal comfort, even better! I'm going to return to buy them in grey soon and I think I will have to have a pair of pink eventually as well!

trying on crocs jelly flats at famous footwear, in a 1960's day dress and 1950s embroidered cardigan


  1. We don't have a famous footwear nearby, (living in the boonies and all) but I'm definitely going to be looking for these! And I hope they come in kids' sizes, too. And congratulations on your being able to stay home with your kids! As a stay at home mom to three (5yrs, 2yrs, & 7 months), I know there's no more important job and yet it's harder than any job I've ever had, but it makes up for it in hugs, kisses, and "Love you, Mommy". Hope your blessed with your blogging!

  2. You are very good with the bangs, beautiful sandals blacks.

  3. You look younger and fresh with your new bangs. And a girl can never have too many shoes. ;)

  4. Seeing your outfit I'm gonna assume this was before Sunday's snow!! I love Jelly's and lived in them for many summers when I was little!! Oddly I don't remember ever getting blisters though...

  5. I love those! I can also remember how painful jellies were - we all wanted them so badly and tried to pretend like they weren't absolute torture. However, when we took them off, it was easy to tell because of the deep lines that they left embedded in our poor feet! I'm glad to hear that those were comfortable because they're super cute - and hey, they actually can be considered "vintage style" because they look 80's and lo and behold, the 80's are considered vintage now. What that says about how old I am? I don't want to think about it. But those shoes are CUTE.

  6. I have a pair of pink jelly flats. Not by crocs, but cute none the less. I was debating on selling them, but I can't bring myself to actually list them. I guess it's meant to be, right?! ;-)

  7. What a fun event! Those jellies are really cute, too. I got a pair towards the end of last summer (so I've barely worn them) that are flat with a big bow at the toe. Totally not vintage and I don't even care, they are adorable and comfy and look cute with dresses and skirts. Sometimes you just have to go with it! ;)

  8. I love them and I had hot pink jellies back in the 80s and they were torture but I loved them haha xox

  9. I saw the jellies at Kohls and really wanted to get them but they were $40 I think? Maybe I'm just stuck in the 80's pricing? LOL But I do love jellies that would be more comfy!! I may go get them today LOL

    -Amy (

  10. Wow, running through the store and grabbing as many shoes as you can for free? You're right. We all want to be that girl.


  11. Oh I love famous footwear and all those shoes look so cute!

  12. Those are cute! My favorite Crocs are my leopard prints. I blogged about how much I love them a few months ago. So comfy!


  13. Bangs look adorable on you! I like your hair color too. As for the shoes, the white eyelet wedges and the jellies are awesome. Winter has dragged on here in PA, so eventually when spring makes it's way here I will be looking forward to sandals and fun colors after a very long winter!!

  14. Ooooooooooooooh-weeeeee! Jellie shoes remind me of many happy trips to the beach :) Love them!

  15. Awesome post title and new shoes! Gellies are so fun and always invoke such great 80s childhood memories.

    Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I absolutely adore your new hair? The colour, the bangs, the length, it's all sublime and truly looks incredible on you, darling gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  16. My favorite is the top picture of the wedges, in coral. I'm really into wedges right now. I like your yellow ones too! I also agree that your hair is terrific in red and the style is perfect for you.


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